The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy and the science of thinking and movement

Can our daily choices be different to what we have always done and if yes, how so?

The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy and the science of thinking and movement

This morning I opened the book The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy and I read on page 196:

" ...each and every choice is impulsed by the quality of a former choice and, whilst we are free to make a choice, each and every time one presents itself, we are most likely to choose the quality of the former as we are impulsed by the rhythm/s of the previous choice to keep making the same energetically alike choice."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy

From reading this I came to think about the Universal Medicine modality, Esoteric Massage. My experience is that this massage helps to release old patterns within the body that can make me feel restrained and restricted. And I’m not just talking about the body itself but it can also be felt in how I feel about myself. I know when I’ve had a massage I can feel more spacious and it’s almost as if I feel bigger and more free to think, and that takes me back to the quote above.

One of the questions that came to me whilst reading was also how are we able to make choices that are different from our previous ones if we are impulsed by former choices? And my answer to my own question would be that I need to change the energetic flow that is in my body and I can do that by making a choice to move in a different way, perhaps more delicately, and I could choose to move as if I’m massaging myself, just by the way that I move, the way I walk.

The Esoteric Massage I find is also doing this as it awakens another energy in my body that I can connect to and it helps my body flow more easily; it makes my mind clearer and therefore I can also make clearer choices.

So, I would summarise my own little philosophical moment here and say that the science of thinking would be deeply connected to the science of how we move, the science of movement. And since I’ve been studying behavioural science this is quite revolutionary. Great science from just a few lines. Great work and thanks Serge Benhayon.

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  • By Matts Josefsson