Introduction to Esoteric Massage

Introducing Esoteric Massage, supporting our bodies to introduce true harmony in movement, function and healing.

Introduction to Esoteric Massage

Esoteric Massage is a form of therapy that assists the client to restore the natural flow of energy in the muscles and joints used in physical movement and expression. Our bodies, left to just be, naturally have a flow and a balance to them – like we see in the ease of movement of a young child.

By allowing the body to let go of the ill patterns most of us adopt and hold on to day to day, Esoteric Massage helps support the body to re-introduce true harmony in movement, which greatly supports correct posture, function and healing.

Esoteric Massage is a unique therapy and the hand techniques and movements applied are vastly different from the common practice, use, and/or experience of the many other forms of massage. There is no manipulation or physical adjustment, no deep tissue work nor any pressing or pressure – there is no pain. Clients describe their experience as gentle, tenderising and profoundly healing.

Before working on any client, the Esoteric Massage therapist first lives in a way that honours their body in every way, with the understanding that the more care and love they live with, the more they can bring to their treatments. Absolutely everything they do outside the treatment room counts and will have an impact on the quality of their sessions.

As a client receiving an Esoteric Massage, you feel the level of care offered by the therapist in the preparation for the session, from the heating of the oil and cream to be used in the treatment, to the way the towels are carefully arranged to wrap and cover the client with absolute respect and honouring of who they are. During the treatment, healing eye pillows, scented with beautiful oils, are used as heat packs, gently placed over certain areas of the body to enhance the deeply nurturing healing experience.

This modality is based on the understanding that everything is because of energy (Serge Benhayon), so how we express, move, and think is always with, and, because of energy. When we choose a quality of energy that does not reflect the harmony of our true nature, and this is repeated over and over, we are continuously imposing on our body. It is considered that these impositions create ingrained hardness, tension and disharmony throughout the entire body, including its internal systems; in muscles, joints, connective tissue, everywhere.

The Esoteric Massage therapist does not just look at how we move, but also what makes us move. Considering the effect of both these areas Esoteric Massage may allow us to de-configure and release the deeply held and ingrained disharmony which may have been produced in the body as a result of our choices, and it then may provide support in making a fundamental correction.

This massage is a stand-alone modality that has a variety of specialised techniques that can be used to take care of specific body needs, issues and problems.

A deeply re-connecting therapy, clients have described Esoteric Massage as leaving them with greater awareness and body connection and also that it offers them the opportunity to surrender to themselves – a deep form of letting go, where they can release what they have been holding onto in everyday life, supporting them with any body issues or problems and improving the quality of movement, wellbeing and healing in their life.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd