The practical wisdom in Serge Benhayon’s books explains why life is as it is.

I read The Way It Is and An Open Letter to Humanity by Serge Benhayon. It was a great support to get a clearer understanding about life and why things are the way they are.

After reading them, I could detach myself from life events, joyful or sad, and learn to not react to them. And when I say detached, I mean that I don't get caught up as much as I used to and don’t lose myself in the story of an event.

It also made me realise that I can't just sit and watch it all happening without sharing such great wisdom. It is about taking greater responsibility in life in everything that I do and how I do it. That means being more present with myself when I speak to people and do things and try to avoid automatism as much as possible. For me it means to not be afraid to say I will do something later, simply because I am feeling unwell or have just had a disagreement with someone. That way I can stay clear in everything that I do. And more generally, people will feel when we do things out of love rather than necessity.

One day we will realise that everything that is happening to us is the fruit of our own creation, our choices and behaviours. And because we keep coming back, whatever we leave behind will go around in circles with us and eventually present itself back to us again.

This experience can be joyful or difficult, but the great thing is that it helps us towards our own evolution. So in short, each life gives us an opportunity to do things differently but also, in each moment of our life it is up to us to decide what we will practically and tangibly do to make this world a different place.

In short, everything has a cause and effect, and if we human beings had a greater awareness – and one day we will – the world will be a different place to live in.

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