Procrastination with food: just a small snack first … ?

Do we procrastinate with food and say we will just have a snack first?

Procrastination with food: just a small snack first … ?

Have you ever been faced with something and procrastinated about it? Did you put it off for hours, days or even weeks? Have you ever paused before starting a big project or even a small task and said, “I’ll just have a small snack first . . . ”

Procrastination is certainly familiar to me and when this happens I am often aware of what I am doing to myself. I know I am avoiding what needs to be done and eventually have to face up to what is in front of me. I often do other things that I feel are more important so I can deal with how I feel about the task at a later time. Sometimes I feel clearly what needs to be done, then a hesitation comes up to make me feel I am not ready for this now. When I avoid examining why I am procrastinating it creates a tension in my body.

Sometimes I feel if I eat, it will help me to not feel this tension in the body. Food is often my go-to when things feel out of place. I remember many times when I wanted to start something that felt challenging I would avoid getting started by eating snacks. I would say to myself, “I will start it after I have this snack – then I can focus”. However, it didn’t work this way. Often I felt racy if I ate a sugary snack, making it more difficult to focus on the task at hand; other times I would eat when I was not hungry and feel lethargic and tired and end up being distracted about what I could eat next. By eating I was really avoiding what was there for me to examine in myself. The more tension I felt, the more I wanted to relieve it, and often I felt food would do it.

What if we change our perception? What if the tension is a message, a signpost to pay attention to what is going on? Maybe this would offer us an opportunity to change.

I am learning that if I surrender to tension, I can feel the awareness and learn from it. This is something to appreciate. When the feelings of tension come up I stay focussed on appreciating me in this moment – becoming reactive and going to the cupboard for a snack is not helpful to me. When I appreciate myself I can feel the tension but not react or resist it – I simply surrender to it and then I can appreciate what it is presenting for me to look at in myself. I can see the whole situation with more clarity.

What if we feel the beauty of allowing our body to surrender to the tension?

I have found the more I appreciate myself, these moments of tension can feel less intense. I see challenges that are in front of me as an opportunity to learn and evolve. I am learning to not procrastinate on tasks that challenge me. I am learning to read the whole situation and know that what is presented is for me at this time. I am saying thank you for these moments of awareness. I am holding myself in appreciation of the joy of being me in the moment.

The more I appreciate myself, the more I let go of the tension.

I am bringing this quality to my life. To eat and dull myself is holding back on my awareness. I can make a decision to hold back and avoid the tension with food and eat – or stay in the appreciation of myself. When I focus on appreciation for myself, I can surrender to the awareness, let go the procrastination and move forward.

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