Do you have a hunger that can never be satisfied?

Always hungry! What is this hunger that can never be satisfied and has driven me in my life – a hunger for food, a hunger to be better, a hunger to always have more than what I have right now! Always hungry, hungry, hungry!

Exactly what is this hunger, and where does it come from?

Is this hunger really in me or is it something that I am fed?

I get caught in this hunger and I think that I can fill it from food or from being better than I was yesterday. I have more now than I have ever had in my life and yet still I hunger for more, more, more!

So why does this hunger cause me to want? And this hunger as I feed it, is only satisfied for a moment, and then I feel it again. The drive for food to fill this vacuum in me, this insatiable need, is relentless. I understand why people get so big as they try to satisfy this hunger that has no end.

But I know that there is a way to stop the hunger – to stop the wanting.

This is huge!

To stop the wanting for things to be different, to stop the wanting to HAVE more, to DO more, to BE more! To stop the eating all the time when I know that I should be doing other things.

Have you ever noticed this drive within your body, whether it’s a food drive or a drive to better yourself in some way or another – a better parent, a better person?

This is the restless drive of a mechanism within us that feeds the hunger ... constantly. In response to this drive we feed ourselves food (and many other things), which only serve to keep increasing this drive in our bodies.

This is never-ending. We are faced with a relentless hunger that can never be satisfied.

But the truth is – we are not this hunger. But how do we move from ‘hunger’, to not feeding this hunger when we have been doing it all our lives? This to me is an interesting question, as I now know the answer ...

We choose ourselves, and our connection to ourselves!

It’s that simple.

With choosing connection comes a quality that energises our body. It is the only thing that will ever stop the endless hunger.

This is a developing process, one of building a true connection with ourselves; by consistently building that connection over time, we clear the energy of the drive from our precious bodies.

With this true connection we find that the food drive and the insatiable ‘always hungry’ sensation is no more.

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Connection to self through conscious presence

Connecting and listening to yourself and your body in every moment brings a perfect rhythm to everything you do.

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  • By Simone Ellis