If we do not live up to what we believe our ideal weight to be – often set by unrealistic pictures from the fashion industry and celebrities – when it comes to thinking we are overweight or we are unhappy with our body shape, we can experience powerful feelings of self-loathing.

Self-loathing is intense hatred directed at ourselves. It begins when we look to the world to tell us how to be, what to say, do and look like to be considered worthwhile – to measure up and be ok. This can be reinforced every time we attempt to lose weight by dieting and do not manage to keep it off. In such a situation the person who is full of self-loathing will consider themselves not only overweight, but also worthless, weak-willed, ugly and a complete failure. Does this sound all too familiar?

What people on these pages have discovered is that when we stop believing all the things that are wrong with us, stop measuring ourselves against the impossible images and ideals outside of ourselves and begin instead to live from the inside out, we start to connect to the unique beauty we are and always have been and live from this knowing. The things that fed our self-loathing begin to lose importance and we start to live from the inside out.