Self-esteem is how we view ourselves in life and how we judge ourselves. We place a worth on ourselves and on how we see ourselves. Self-esteem is often tied to some external ideal of how we believe we should be in a certain situation.

What is it to have a healthy degree of self-esteem – to hold ourselves in high regard? Could it be said that it’s to love ourselves so deeply that we understand our qualities and strengths, as well as our imperfections and the imperfections of others, without needing to criticise, judge or condemn?

If you have a sense of your innate value and a sense of self-esteem, the desire for eating food to feel better or to fill up that feeling of not feeling enough may fall away and offer space for a true choice to choose food that supports you.

The articles presented here can be stepping stones to a greater degree of self-love and esteem that we can choose for ourselves.