An introduction to Chakra-Puncture a connection to our inner fire.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture Therapy is a form of healing that allows the body to reconfigure back to its natural state of energetic harmony. This complementary healing modality is based on the Science of the Nadis and works with the 45,000 energetic centres that make up the human being.

Chakra-puncture uses very soft fine needles that are tube delivered (being too soft to insert without a protective safety sheath). Within a Chakra-puncture treatment the very light needles are applied to the surface layer of the skin to a depth of 0.2 to 0.5mm. Due to its very light touch and high ethical standards Chakra-puncture maintains an impeccable safety record. The needles are used to activate the fiery essence that lays at the epi-centre of each Nadis, thus allowing the body to reconfigure back to its natural state of fire, promoting an energetic harmonious balance and order.

Supported by the very stilling nature of the Chakra-puncture Practitioner, in accordance with their professional and energetic integrity, Chakra-puncture offers a great level of stillness and reconnection. Each treatment allows the client to experience the natural fire activated from the centre of the Nadi, thus connecting them to a feeling of the natural and innate vitality that lays within us all.

In our modern age, most experience the day to day rigour of life and are exhausted by its never ending demand and strain on our body’s energetic and physical physiology. A Chakra-puncture program offers an opportunity to experience what true inner vitality feels like – a consistency of vital energy, rather than merely functioning and just getting through.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture Therapy is at times likened to acupuncture, however, Chakra-puncture is not acupuncture and there are no traditional acu-points used. The points used are those that are based on the Science of the Nadis. And therefore, in this therapy, there are no acu-points and there is no adherence or following whatsoever to any ‘meridian’ lines or any other acupuncture philosophies, practices or concepts.

As with all Universal Medicine Therapies, no claims are made in terms of producing any effect in the body: The Universal Medicine Therapies, and the principles and teachings of the esoteric itself, offer a presentation of another way.

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