Everybody is a natural Healer

Healing is not just confined by going to a healing practitioner and having a 'session'. Nor is it owned by those we consider wise or who have accumulated an expertise with matters of healing. True healing is actually originating from an essence that is equal within every human being, that anyone can express at any given moment, if they are in connection with their Soul and thus open to the love and light that is there available to bring out.

A healing comes from the way we express our love and truth.

Within us all is a great capacity to love. We may choose in our lifetime never to connect with this part of ourselves that naturally wants to express love for another in a caring or nurturing way . . . but just because we don't choose to connect with that part of ourselves and feel it, doesn't mean it is not present within us.

There is a place deep within us all, in our inner-heart, that is pure and has a stillness and a harmony. This place is unblemished, not tainted by the hurts and burdens of life, it remains in all of us like the still waters of a great lake, steady, consistent and calm.

It is also a place of great strength, power, and truth, and when we surrender and humble ourselves to feel this position inside our bodies, we are given such amazing support and the inspiration and intention to express out in a truly loving way.

All of this happens to us so naturally if we choose to consider feeling a connection to our essence, through aligning to the inner-heart. It is a place that we know innately as home. From this place, true love can be expressed, and that is truly healing. Everybody has an opportunity to feel this, there is no discrimination or inequality . . . the love is there for us all in equal measure.

When we express our love naturally from this heart centre, we will be effectively offering a healing everywhere we go!

Quite incredible to imagine, however it is true . . . whenever we express our love and truth it is like a radiating 'love bomb'.

We are healing with our expression, when we:

  • Hold a baby in your arms and feel the effect of being blessed by a warm and loving energy.
  • When we cook dinner for a friend who is lonely, and give them nurturing.
  • When you are troubled and someone speaks to you in a gentle and calming way so as to relax you and bring you back to yourself.
  • When we put our arms around another when they feel hurt, giving them a warm loving hug.
  • When a loved one is overseas and we think of them in a loving way.
  • When we clean our house with generosity and care for all of those who live in it, and will visit, to benefit.
  • When we speak a truth that needs to be said to someone.

We also are healing when we express this love and truth in whatever is our chosen field of work.

If we express from our essence in the way that we work, everyone at work receives a blessing from your expression, and that is healing. It is like a ripple effect of love emanating out to touch everyone who crosses its path.

We could be serving customers in a restaurant, washing someone’s car at a garage, delivering the mail, laying pipes for road works or working as a stylist on a photo shoot.

By being heart-centred we can initiate a flow in our approach that follows through into our every thought, word, move and gesture . . . to bring this intentionally to our work is called – Being In Loving Service.

To Be In Loving Service is so simple it just requires you to be connected with your inner-self, your inner-heart, and consciously choose love to be your way of expressing.

No matter what work you do . . . whatever the activity, whether mopping a floor or performing a delicate surgery, we can carry the same healing energy when it is expressed from love. This creates a powerful imprint of love and truth that is felt whenever anyone comes into contact with it, whether they choose to be conscious of it or not.

Consider the truth then, that we are all born natural healers by the mere fact that we have at our core an open loving heart that is designed to share love. We have the ability to activate this and nurture this in ourselves, and for the lives of others.

We have within our grasp a true way to healing the disharmony in our relationships and rebalancing the harm that presides in our world.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.

  • Photography: James Tolich