Before, during and after Sacred Esoteric Healing

How sacred esoteric healing taught me that the way I live in everyday life, affects all that I do.

Before, during and after Sacred Esoteric Healing

Before participating in the Sacred Esoteric Healing courses, I wasn’t fully aware of how much the way I live with myself in my everyday life affected all that I did, including,

  • my relationships with people
  • my level of confidence
  • my ability to express myself and communicate, and of course,
  • the way I teach singing

I had a basic awareness of energy, but not a full understanding of it, nor a solid commitment to living in consideration and in respect of energy.

I used to go on a lot of missions to get things done in life. I would go into nervous energy and push myself beyond what my body wanted to do, to achieve a certain goal, which was exhausting. But once that goal was reached, I never felt truly satisfied.

In my job as a singing teacher I had much technical knowledge about the voice and a good understanding of the science, but I started to notice how I would go into an old pattern of proving myself to explain the technical workings of the voice and again I could feel that this was exhausting me.

I also felt how working this way encouraged my students to ‘try to get things right', which often made them stressed and got in the way of them just being themselves and enjoying singing. In contrast to this, when I worked with people on the simplicity of just being present in the body and singing, this was when their singing came to life.

The first Sacred Esoteric Healing session I had was so different to anything I had ever experienced before. The practitioner held me in such tenderness from the start to the end.

From the way she looked at me, to the way she listened to what I had to say, to the way she covered me with a blanket on the massage table, it was all done in absolute tenderness and respect for who I was.

The hands on treatment was also very tender, using specific hand positions and small movements. At the time, I was surprised at how such a gentle session allowed me to drop so deeply into my body and removed energy that wasn’t meant to be there.

I felt so light, warm, held and precious from the inside out when I left the session, and that feeling remained with me for quite some time afterwards.

I had connected to a part of me in the session, that I knew was there but had forgotten how to connect to in myself. There was absolutely no imposition from the practitioner, in any way, before, during or after the session. At the end of the session she didn’t ask me if I would return, it was left completely up to me.

That was 5 years ago now and since then I have participated in many Sacred Esoteric Healing courses. The depth and integrity of the courses have been second to none, way beyond anything I have experienced before.

During this time of having Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions I have evolved immensely. I have developed a connection within myself that allows me to continually develop the real me and not hide who I am under any pretences or expectations from the world around me. My ability to connect with people and develop true relationships is continually blossoming.

It has also had a big impact on the way I teach singing.

I now know that how I live energetically with myself in my every day life, has the biggest impact on how my lessons will be. If I am living lovingly with myself, I can bring an amazing foundation for that lesson to unfold upon.

I don’t plan lessons any more, I just flow from a connection to myself and the student, and allow whatever is needed to unravel and develop. We have a lot of fun in the lessons now, as learning to sing is no longer hard work and my connection with students is deeper than ever.

Teaching singing has never felt so simple, it’s an absolute pleasure.

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  • By Rachael Kane, Singer / Songwriter

    Rachael is a singer/songwriter and singing and expression teacher who is interested in the true health and well-being of people.