How Sacred Esoteric Healing helped support me through breast cancer

How Sacred Esoteric Healing helped support me through breast cancer.

How Sacred Esoteric Healing helped support me through breast cancer

On 30 March 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer – invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast. The type of breast cancer was oestrogen receptor positive and as I was 44 years of age at diagnosis I was considered pre-menopausal.

Since March 2012 I have undertaken an extensive surgical/medical/esoteric healing regime to treat my cancer, beginning with a mastectomy of the right breast. From the date of diagnosis to the surgery date of 10 April 2012, the cancer had grown from two lumps to a nest of five lumps, confirming the cancer was a rapid growth type.

The oncologist recommended chemotherapy to follow this surgery and after consultation with him, and some sessions to support my self-confidence and emotional stability with esoteric practitioners from Universal Medicine, in May 2012 I commenced treatment consisting of five cycles of Docetaxel and Cyclophosphamide taken intravenously at 21 days apart. This treatment completed in September 2012.

In October 2012, I underwent a breast reconstruction and as the cancer was oestrogen receptive positive, I took the advice of the surgeon and oncologist and chose to have my ovaries removed to avoid recurrence.

Under the referral of my oncologist I attended a genetic specialist appointment in December 2012. During this consultation I was informed of my family history having the BRCA2 susceptibility gene. From this consultation my understanding is my family history forms the basis of the work of Professor Allan Spigelman and the research facility kConFab Australia. Of the families registered with kConFab, my family has the highest mortality rate from breast or prostate cancer in Australia. Genetic testing of my blood confirms I have inherited the BRCA2 gene.

As a result of this information and in consultation with the oncologist, surgeon and counselling with esoteric practitioners from Universal Medicine, I chose to undergo a mastectomy of my left breast in July 2013 and am scheduled to undergo further reconstruction surgery in 2014.

I have assumed a committed approach to treating my breast cancer. My healing process has been as a result of the professional, dedicated and ongoing loving care from:

  • my oncologist,
  • surgeon,
  • hospital medical staff,
  • my local GP and distinctly,
  • the healing received from the esoteric practitioners from Universal Medicine.

Throughout my process I have undertaken regular Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions, initially to support the shock and devastation of being a healthy active woman with a clean lifestyle, being diagnosed with breast cancer.

At our first attendance at the Universal Medicine Clinic it was made clear to me and my family that Universal Medicine would do all possible to support my medical treatment and ongoing energetic and bodily well-being as a member of their cancer care program.

Of the many virtues I deeply appreciated during this period was the quality of the ongoing support I received from Universal Medicine practitioners during my Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions. I felt the practitioners supported my choices to undergo the conventional medical treatment being recommended by the surgical and oncology professionals. These Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions offered me a trustworthy and non-judgmental environment, thereby allowing me the space to come to my own conclusions and discuss at depth what my concerns were.

My healing sessions provided me a safe, non-judgmental arena to express my fears, anxiety and sadness, and as such, healing was on many levels. As a cancer patient this was of utmost importance to me, as my family were suffering their own devastation at my diagnosis and I found myself not wanting to add to their burden of concern.

It also gave me the opportunity to be with my family without the excesses of my personal feelings and so, in turn, was quite a comfort for them to spend time with me as I presented in a quality of steadiness and acceptance of my circumstances.

There were periods when I was preferring to take an alternative and somewhat idealistic approach, as is common when faced with such traumatic medical treatments and I was in quite a fearful state surrounding the degree of treatment required to treat the cancer. As a result of the consistency and quality of care throughout my consultations, I developed the inner confidence, trust and acceptance of the path ahead, such that I was able to commit more to the medical treatment being recommended by the oncologist.

Many of my Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions formed the basis of my capacity to continue committing to the emotional, mental and physical trauma of chemotherapy, the many ongoing ill side-effects of the diagnosis, treatments, related surgeries, life and body changing circumstances.

In spite of the ill side-effects I presented with, the oncologist was regularly impressed with my pathology results which I feel were a clear reflection of the choices I was making relative to how deeply I was caring for my body with healthy food choices – no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, deep resting periods and vigilant attention to prescribed medication.

There were many times I felt I couldn’t continue with chemotherapy as a result of the traumatic symptoms and I recall communicating on two separate occasions to my oncologist that I wanted the treatment to cease. It was as a result of the ongoing support from practitioners at Universal Medicine that during my Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions I was able to express my fears and discuss at depth the emotional and physical effects I was experiencing throughout my treatment. From these sessions I was able to maintain and build upon my sense of well-being, clarity and self-understanding.

And so, from this place eventually I came to rest in my understanding that what I was experiencing and how my state of dis-ease came to be, was exacerbated by my previous ways of pushing myself to always do one more chore or one more hour of work, or to be ‘the one’ that was always there for others and therefore over-riding my body’s clear messages of exhaustion, hunger or aches and pains.

Today it is with a more loving respect of how important my body as a whole and its precious systems are, that I listen closely to all that it has to say.

There is no doubt that a cancer diagnosis is a life and body-changing event and, as is my example, with loving family support, professional quality care from medical staff and other health practitioners, it is possible to live a more healthy, full life from a body that is deeply cared for. The latter mention of deep care, I dedicate to my ongoing wise choices, my commitment to a healthy body and the understandings gained from Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions.

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  • By Lee-Ann Bailey