Healing: should I be suspicious?

Healing: should I be suspicious?

Healing: should I be suspicious?

‘Healing’ ... It sounds suspicious ...

  • Is it real?

  • Can I trust it?

The word ‘healing’ has become associated with a lot of mistrust, especially as there are those who claim that their particular ritual will take away all of the ill, or that a particular potion or mystical procedure will ‘cure all’. It has been associated with the notion of evangelical healing, with people collapsing to the ground in incoherent raptures only to arise, ‘healed by the hand of God’.

It all seems a little ridiculous, and naturally, suspicions are aroused when one speaks of ‘getting healing’ when we consider the visions of strange and mystical fish slapping, or perhaps notions of voodoo, crystals that claim to heal cancer, or witch doctors with strange chants and foul tasting herbs.

Because of these sort of things, we have come to consider culturally that healing is something that is mystical and mysterious, and something that charlatans proclaim, preying upon the weak and vulnerable, making false promises. We can sense the falsity in all of these instances, and it naturally arouses our suspicion when someone/anyone mentions the notion of ‘healing’.

True healing

Yet, when used in accordance with its true meaning, ‘healing’ is not a word to be viewed with suspicion and neither is the practice of true healing.

It is innately a natural part of our vocabulary. We all have an innate understanding of what it is to ‘heal’.

It is simply that the word has become mistakenly associated with practices that do harm, or do not truly support, especially when they purport to be practices that are ‘the all’ that a person needs to support them in their lives, or a ritual that claims to be able to ‘take away’ all the ills.

Healing is actually very practical and it is very real

Our wounds have a process to ‘heal’, our bodies ‘heal’ and to ‘heal’ is a very real and tangible process that takes place on a chemical and physical level as well as an energetic and emotional level. Healing comes from within, but can be supported from the outer.

True Healing is not about someone ‘taking away our ills’ with the wave of a hand, wand, or the administration of a potion. As with our wound healing, Healing is something that we do for ourselves, and it is a process that takes time and comes from within.

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What is healing?

Healing is not about curing or removing symptoms and nobody can heal you. It is about you being open to letting go of what does not belong to you.

When our wounds and our bodies are healing, there is much that we can do to support the body. We can eat well, take the right supplements, or take the right medications and see doctors and experts to guide us in our wound care and give advice on how to care for ourselves so that our bodies can heal well, but ...

Our wounds heal from within. The doctors don’t make the wound heal – it is our bodies that heal. Doctors simply support us in caring for our bodies to support the healing process.

The same is with seeking healing from practitioners. We are the ones that heal ourselves, but we can seek assistance from a practitioner to support us in our own awareness and making choices for ourselves.

"Healing is about discarding what is not love so that you can feel the fact that you are love."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 617

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