How love benefits your health

Loving ourselves is natural, even though that may not be our experience in life.

Love is at the very heart of our being; it is something we can simply choose to connect to and let out by establishing a more loving way of life.

Developing love begins with self-care and self-love: choosing the right nutrition, gentle exercise, healthy lifestyle choices and being gentle with our body and ourselves.

  • Love reduces stress and anxiousness; conditions that are associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression

  • Love encourages our body to produce more oxytocin, the ‘feel-good’ hormone, and less cortisol, the stress hormone. Oxytocin can reduce cardiovascular stress, inflammation and improve the immune system

  • Love also produces chemicals in the brain that make us feel more positive

Love is not something that we get from another – love is who we are, it is our natural essence – it is at the very heart of our being.

By allowing love to flow in our body we have the capacity to influence and change the actual physical processes of our body. And so LOVE can be the strongest, most effective medicine in this world.

"The greatest form of medicine is to be love and to express it in all that you do."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 623

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How love really works

True love is a livingness and a way of being with ourselves. All we need to do is to let our guard down and we are love and then everything we do is from love.

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  • By Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist

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