Living your own medicine

Let us consider the possibility that the way we live could actually be our medicine and, as such, our choices can either be good medicine or bad medicine.

Living Medicine brings us back to how we live, the energy we are in, the choices we make and how we treat our body. It asks us to look at how we are living – and whether that is good medicine for us, or bad.

Our natural state is one of harmony and joy. The fact is, the vitality we felt at least as very young children, is something we could naturally have as adults, too. What if the only thing keeping us from that is the fact that we live every day in a way that does not support our bodies – we make choice after choice that does not support the way that, deep down, we really do want to feel.

Living medicine does not focus on improving function, OR on creating a body that can live beyond its human years, OR on alleviating symptoms.

Living medicine is about creating a body that is energetically harmonious and vital. Living medicine is about quality of life. Living medicine starts with the body –

"The body is the marker of all truth."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 144

The body will always show us what is right for it and what is not – it is constantly communicating and sending messages as feelings, sensations and bodily reactions. This might be as simple as bloating after eating a particular food, or a part of the body hurting after we do something in a rush or with a push, or the heart feeling racy if we go into overwhelm. The body is always talking to us. What if we started to listen to this?

By listening to the body you know how to be you and how to make your way in life. This is one of our best forms of medicine.

Living Medicine comes from you – in other words, you are the medicine.

When you realise you have the power to make choices that are either healthy or harming for your body, you have the choice to live in a way that is either good or bad medicine.

Living medicine starts with the body, or to be more specific, it starts with the willingness to honour what choices are harmonious for our body over those that are clearly not. In doing so we start to say yes to a much deeper relationship with the body that develops over time – a relationship that invariably leads to greater vitality and connection within ourselves.

"Whatever is truly good and thus whatever
brings true harmony and vitality, make it your
everyday medicine by living it in full."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 233

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