Blogs about the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Blogs about the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Blogs about the Gentle Breath Meditation®

The Gentle Breath Meditation® has been practised regularly since 1999 by thousands of people around the world who have found that it makes a profound difference to their daily life on many levels.

Here you will find links to blogs that people have been inspired to write about using the Gentle Breath Meditation®. Including how it was for them to start out with the meditations, the benefits they experienced in their daily life, the beauty of re-connecting to their inner stillness, and about sharing the techniques with others.

Who Knew Meditation Could Be So Simple

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore, Brisbane

…. meditations left me with pins and needles in my feet, a numb bum, sore back, a headache and a sense of total exasperation. Why, oh why couldn’t I do it right? I never felt calm or relaxed, there was no enlightenment, and why were there so many different ways to do it? Then, in 2004, I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation® ... read Rachel's blog

Rush Rush Rush

by Suzanne Anderssen, Brisbane, Australia

A couple of years ago, I started listening to the gentle breath meditation®. The first time I heard it, I knew this was it. I felt gentleness and calm sweep through my body. My heart felt slower ... read Suzannes' blog

Gentle Breath Meditation® and Reconnecting to Me

by Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education

The gentle breath technique is a reconnection to my gentle, tender divine self that has filtered into my daily action, movements and living. I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world ... read Johanna's blog

Teacher shows how simple common sense tools can support staff and students

by Rachel Murtagh, UK

I have learned a simple five minute gentle breath meditation®, used daily, that supports me to stay calm and connected to myself. In this way I can watch my emotions with greater awareness and take greater responsibility for how I express. Let’s be honest ... how many of us were hurt by a frustrated, angry teacher who yelled? I don’t want to be that type of teacher ... read Rachel's blog

Supporting the Elderly ~ and the Ripple Effect

by Mary-Louise Myers, Esoteric Practitioner, Goonellabah NSW

I shared a simple 10 minute meditation technique that I learned. This short meditation, called the ‘gentle breath meditation®’, supported them enormously. Every time, and I mean every time, after they gave it a go they were amazed at how different they felt ... read Mary-Louise's blog

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