Gentle Breath Meditation® in daily life

Gentle Breath Meditation® in Daily Life

Gentle Breath Meditation® in daily life

What is more constant and closer to me than my breath? Discovering the Gentle Breath Meditation® has brought me closer to myself and supported me to realise that I can stay in charge of myself when the demands of work or other daily activities can otherwise be stressful. The simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation® has been very powerful because I have a choice with every breath to be connected with myself and to be in meditation!
Bernadette Glass, Self-Employed in Human Services, Victoria, Australia, Age 55

I incorporated the Gentle Breath Meditation® into my life many years ago and use it constantly throughout the day to help support me in my connection with myself.
I check on my breath whilst doing the simplest of things such as driving, cooking, walking and even washing up. It is incorporated into all areas of my day no matter where I am or what I am doing. I have found the Gentle Breath Meditation® to be simple and yet extremely powerful in what it brings. It has changed the way I live my day and the way in which I go about it.
Nicole Serafin, Self-Employed, Woman, Wife, Mother of 2, Tintenbar, NSW, Age 41

With over 20 years of meditation under my belt, I was nothing short of amazed at how simple to practise and profound the impact on my life the Gentle Breath Meditation® was compared to how I had originally been practising meditation.
For the first time - after doing it for a short periods of 5-10 mins compared to 20-30 mins I had done previously - I felt I was more able to concentrate on each thing I was doing after finishing the meditation without feeling so stressed and overwhelmed around everything I needed to do as a busy mum and paid worker.
Instead of being a time to escape my life, the Gentle Breath Meditation® became a tool to allow me connect to a place in me that felt more steady and loving and for me to bring these qualities to everything I did. After 4 years, this meditation continues to be part of my every day and never fails to positively affect how I am with myself and everyone I have contact with.
Sharon Gavioli, RN, Birth Educator, Counsellor, Mother of 7, Brisbane, Age 52

I have found that if I start the day with a few moments of the Gentle Breath Meditation®, it has an enormous effect on how my day proceeds. It offers me the opportunity to start the day with a fuller awareness of how my body feels and from this point the day flows much more easily. It is now part of my daily preparation and checking how I am breathing gives me a great indication of how I have been living, for if at times I find it difficult to breath gently, I recognise that I have allowed a stressful way of being to take over and can then take steps to change this.
Beverley Brown, Reception Manager, UK.

With the Gentle Breath Meditation® it is the first time that I understood that I can actually determine my own breathing. I realised that I can tell my body to breathe in gently and breathe out gently and I could feel how that gentle breathing affects my body and allows it to relax and just be. Before, I always felt my breath breathed me depending on the situation I was in (out of breath - physically exhausted, short breath - anxious, holding breath - shocked or nervous etc.) and not me breathing my own breath. Now during the day when I realise I breathe heavily, hold my breath, have difficulties breathing… I just focus on my breath and allow it to come back to its tenderness.
Esther Andras, Shop Assistant, Stuttgart, Germany, Age 39

The Gentle Breath Meditation® stopped me in my tracks the first time I experienced it. It showed me how far from the real me I had been living. What’s beautiful now is I don’t have to always stop and meditate, I simply can choose to breathe gently and then everything that I do from cooking, cleaning, working, walking etc IS my meditation.
Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Brisbane

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