The Gentle Breath Meditation® at work

The Gentle Breath Meditation® at work

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is a simple effective tool for staying centered and has helped me enormously in my day to day life and work as a surgeon. I even use it whilst operating (keeping my eyes open of course!) if I feel I am getting stressed and it's amazing to feel how the stress melts and it just brings me back to me. I love it.
Eunice Minford, Consultant General Surgeon, N Ireland, Age 47

Since using the Gentle Breath Meditation® (GBM), I have found my job in air-traffic control easier and much less chaotic. I am more organized, and less prone to raciness from the constant barrage of mental stimulation. The GBM creates a certain stillness in me that allows me to respond rather than react in tense situations - a much safer way to be.
Suzanne Anderssen, Air Traffic Controller, Brisbane, Age 39

I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation® about 3 years ago. What I enjoy about this technique is how simple it is. I had learned other techniques, but this is the only one that I have continued with and do most, if not every day. What I have noticed is that when my breath is gentle, that’s how I am with myself and with others.
Working as a nurse it’s easy to get side tracked, distracted and frustrated with the ordinary goings on in a hospital. For me, that tendency has decreased dramatically since bringing this technique into my daily life. My pace at work has changed, even though the amount I do has not. I don’t get so caught up in the frantic pace that can be on a ward and I enjoy my work so much more than I ever have. In fact, I enjoy me so much more.
Jennifer Smith, Registered Nurse, Maclean, Age 46

I am Alexandre and work as a chef in London. I have been practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation® since 2009 in the morning. It has helped me to deeply re-connect to my inner-self and to focus more on my work. I have experienced a lot of stillness through it and it has helped me to be more gentle with everything I do on a daily basis.
Alexandre, French Chef, passionate about healthy eating and healthy living, London, Age 43

I often commence the yoga/exercise classes that I teach with the Gentle Breath Meditation®. We start the class by lying down and I guide the participants to breathe their own gentle breath, starting with the focus on the quality of the in-breath and then the quality of the out-breath. I find that in just a few minutes the participants are able to settle from the busyness of their day and connect with the loveliness of their own breath. It often doesn't take long to feel stillness in the room. It is then from this place of connection with ourselves that we start to move our bodies. It feels supportive and nurturing to my whole being to move the body with a focus on breathing gently.
Donna Gianniotis, Yoga Teacher, Age 39

With using The Gentle Breath Meditation® on a daily basis I am able to enjoy my job. I do not lose myself anymore when I am in contact with clients. This makes me less tired and I am able to be really me and be there for them and me in the same time.
Annelies, Community nurse / care worker, Holland, Age 53

My experience of the gentle breath meditation® is incredibly simple and powerful. I focus on the quality of my breath regularly every day which has a direct link to the calmness and the stillness I feel in my body. As a result, my work in the classroom has transformed by the way in which I carry out my tasks, interact with children and colleagues. They definitely feel the difference in me and have also loved experiencing the meditation for themselves!
Rachel Murtagh, Primary School Teacher, Age 42

One of the many ways the Gentle Breath Meditation® has greatly impacted my life on a practical level is in the way I work. If I use the Gentle Breath Meditation® to re-connect with myself and be present when I do treatments, I enjoy my work, on the other hand, if I don't, I can feel drained, overwhelmed, tired and/or exhausted. I also suffered from dermatitis on my hands for many years, something that only happens now if I don't use the Gentle Breath Meditation® while I work :)
Erin, Massage/Beauty Therapist for 18yrs, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, Age 36

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