Good medicine starts with you breathing you

Learn about how good medicine starts with your breath, and living you every day.

Good medicine starts with you breathing you

We often think of medicine as something that you take or do to make yourself feel better. We think of medicine as a cure, a pill or a potion, that takes away the ill and makes you feel better, but what if good medicine were more than that? What if good medicine was living in a way to prevent yourself from getting illness and disease?

What if good medicine was living in a way that brought you back to harmony every day, with a tool in every moment to help you live you, so that you don’t get out of balance?

Good medicine is simply living you.

What does it mean to live you?

Living you means to live in connection.

In the crazy pace of the world, we have lost that place of connection that we had so easily when we were little kids. In that place we knew what it was to play wherever we were, to know exactly when we needed to go to the toilet and to not hold back in calling for the things that our body needed. Those things all sound very simple, don’t they? But is it the way we ourselves live as adults?

Is it not true that as we grow, we get moulded to ignore the calls of our bodies, in order to ‘fit in’?

We learn to keep others comfortable so we may learn to:

  • not go to the toilet when we need to
  • not speak or say the truth
  • walk at the same pace as everyone else
  • wear clothes to please others, rather than dressing for ourselves
  • eat what everyone else eats, rather than feeling for ourselves what our bodies need at that moment.

In short, we are trained to ignore our bodies, to bury what we feel, and in that we lose the honouring of our connection.

The start of good medicine is you reconnecting with you, and to honour what the body feels. It is very simple to re-connect with you through breathing gently.

Breathing gently allows you to re-connect on the inside with who you are and how you feel inside, untouched by outside events, the stress or the emotions of those around you or the situation you are in.

Through reconnecting, you may find that you start to grow a wonderful feeling of stillness in your body. And when we are still on the inside, we are much more able to make true choices that honour the body.

Give yourself 10 minutes to try the Reconnecting Gentle Breath Meditation® and see how you feel... how does it feel? Does it feel possible to harm yourself from that place?

When you start to connect with the true you on the inside, it becomes easier to make the choices that we all know are true for us. When we make choices from the head, they are not always true for the body and can be inconsistent; in other words, the head often overrides the messages, signals and needs of the body – it simply ploughs on regardless. When we start to make choices from the body, these become enduring choices. The ability to make and know these choices comes from reconnecting to ‘you’ through your breath.

Good medicine starts with breathing you. When you breathe ‘you’, you can start to feel how to truly support your body in health.

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Returning to your essence

Getting to know your essence is about understanding your breath. When you choose to breathe the yumminess of your own breath you can begin to feel and live full of yourself without needing anything else.

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