An understanding of the effects of Toxic Masculinity

An understanding of the effects of Toxic Masculinity

Alan Johnston – Managing Director
In this video Alan discusses his understanding of toxic masculinity, the effects it has on the body and the impact it has on men and the way they are in the world.

Andrew Mooney – Physiotherapist
In this video Andrew explores the concepts and models of masculinity that men are expected to follow in life, and how it has in fact become toxic to men’s health and wellbeing.

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  • By Alan Johnston, Photographer

    I have studied Social Documentary Photography. Lots of life experience throughout which I have kept a keen sense of humour.

  • By Andrew Mooney, Chartered Physiotherapist, Complementary Health Practitioner, Researcher and Presenter.

    I am fascinated and endlessly curious about the human body and the magic and order of how it works and moves. I am equally fascinated by people and discovering the common elements that make us all one human family.