Singer, songwriter, composer and powerhouse vocalist Carola Woods shares music from the Soul for the Soul

Singer, songwriter, composer and a ‘natural’ with performing, Carola Woods is without a doubt a powerhouse vocalist. Inspired deeply by her love for humanity, Carola is now dedicated through the way she lives to bring through music that is for the inspiration of all.

As such, her commanding presence delivers her music with a richness and quality that speaks volumes, leaving nothing behind, nothing left unsaid as she gives her ‘all’ to every performance, be it in the studio or live.

From a young age the power of music was always a wonder that she explored through her self-taught ability to play the guitar, write and sing songs. Her love of music was born from her love and fascination for people, nature and life in general; a way to convey the joy and magic of life that she felt within and with everyone.

After spending many years caught up in the drive of the music industry in various live settings – from in front of festival crowds of 10,000 to intimate venues – Carola felt it all was not sitting well and the level of genuineness became questionable. The realness had waned, as had the connection to the purpose that inspired her to start singing and writing songs. So she questioned her relationship with the music she was producing and performing at that time.

At this time Carola came across Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness where she was inspired to explore and reignite her connection to Soul – “I discovered the sense I had as a child that my Soulfulness was in fact still very much present within me and very possible to live in connection with”. It was this quality of connection that made sense of everything and she knew, she could feel that it was from this connection life was to be lived. This is the quality, the authenticity that is profoundly felt through her music.

For Carola, music is now all about sharing the sacredness of connection to Soul through sound, through song. Through her varying tones, ranging from deliciously sweet to uncompromising might, the message of the song being translated is what is always honoured first. When asked, Carola will tell you that her “sole purpose for music is to share music from the Soul for the Soul – that is, music about us all, for us all”. As such her focus is not on perfection but rather delivering a raw, real, true and unadulterated interpretation of the message of the song with authenticity.

Returning sacredness to music is possible through the way Carola religiously lives. She considers music a sacred art and religious music to be that which celebrates and inspires all to feel the commonality of what unites us as a humanity; our connection to love, our connection to Soul.

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