Singer, songwriter Miranda Benhayon – music with a universal theme.

Singer, performer and songwriter Miranda Benhayon has a love for people, life, relationships, work & music; a vitality and commitment that is communicated through her wide-ranging tones.

Her voice reverberates power, strength and a holding quality that resonates deep amongst her audience. Not one to shy away from exploring diverse genres, Miranda brings a fresh energy to music, embracing each opportunity as it presents, drawing great inspiration for her songs from her loving relationships and from observing people in and through life.

Miranda’s love of music is regarded equal to any other aspect of her life. She gives her all whether in a live performance or recording in the studio. In the case of this muso, music remains a part of life and not a standalone feature. For Miranda, music is just another medium through which she can express and share inspiration with others, bringing truth, love and power into the songs through seminal lyrics that are delivered as such. With no formal musical training or experience, Miranda confirms that we in fact hold everything innately within – all that is needed is for us to re-connect to the fact and to let it out.

Miranda has collaborated with fellow family member Michael Benhayon of Glorious Music & founder of GM Records, a partnership that has moved from strength to strength over the years, releasing more than 5 albums together (at least one per year since inception).

And then there is Début.

Début signifies the evolution thus far, with all songs on her latest album written and arranged by Miranda – except the French rendition of ‘One Unified’ which was written and arranged by Michael Benhayon.

With a universal theme and empowering message to her music, Miranda sings connected from within, letting out the innate power and soul-full sound that she states we all hold equally. In turn she has inspired many to realise their own voice.

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