Catherine Wood – Music Artist

Catherine Wood has worked extensively as a freelance musician, with a resume that includes everything from classical to funk to jazz to pop... and anything you can think of in between.

Originally classically trained, she studied jazz at Melbourne University and quickly moved into working as a freelancer in the local R&B scene. Her ability to read music as well as to improvise soon led to regular work in television house bands, theatre shows, the backing of international artists, touring both Australia and overseas, and living in the UK and working in London’s West End.

Moving back to Australia, Catherine has expanded her musical activities to include compositional and production work, engaging in commissioned projects as well as producing her own records.

Catherine says: “What I love most about music is how it can ignite us... at a vibrational level. Whether that be from the delicate, spacious harmony of the piano or from a kicking groove, music can move both our bodies and our hearts, awakening us to a deeper sensitivity within, of intimacy, with ourselves and with space... reminding us of a level of delicateness that we may have forgotten that we possess. In this we are perhaps momentarily disarmed…"

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