Victoria Warburton

It was a seminal experience with the spoken voice and presence of Serge Benhayon that offered the change-point for Victoria Warburton to express what she knew to be possible through the medium of music.

In that experience, the potency and indeed Heavenly access of Serge Benhayon spoke with a resonance that was from The All and for The All. There was no seeking of self-aggrandisement, nor any agenda born of an individuated ‘self’ – simply a Oneness and delivery both in word and tone that offered evolution, ever-deepening insight and awareness, and the potential for great healing; That all may return to who we truly are.

This is the same purpose that moves Victoria Warburton. That through musical expression, a deep religiosity that speaks of the innate Oneness of all humanity can be made accessible. In this, what is brought through her holds deep qualities of our (equally shared) Divinity, and a religious intimacy and Joy that openly communicate her relationship with God, along with the depth of intimacy, joy and majesty she lives in her every day. Her music is essentially ‘genre-less’, with some definition in hymn, art song and indeed hints of many styles, it cannot be so-defined.

And so, we find here, a musician with many facets to her bow. Voice and piano being the main instruments of expression, this has joy-fully extended to many of the variants in instrumentation now possible in the contemporary recording studio. Victoria sings and plays all instrumentation on her debut album, ‘Divinity Is Birthed’, produced in the sacred studio of the master-musician Chris James.

Victoria is also a teacher of music, a choir and ensemble director, and facilitator of supporting others to reclaim and discover their true expression through music and the voice. She is founder of Victoria Warburton Music (VWM), a vehicle dedicated to offering a presence in the musical and music-related media landscape, that speaks of the true experience of Divinity possible through this art-form. The standard continues to be set, of what music can be, always of vibrational quality first in its offering.

“When the Love of the Soul is its founding source,
music is about all of us.”

~ Victoria Warburton

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