How much do you truly know about your cycles?

How much do you truly know about your cycles?

How much do you truly know about your cycles?

One would think that most women would probably feel confident in answering this question.

But do they?

Natalie Benhayon, creator of a unique, and supportive modern day tool, Our Cycles Period and Full Moon Diary App, has discovered through her research and conversation with women that the answer to this question was a resounding ‘No’.

Natalie realised how she was somewhat disconnected from the rhythm of her menstrual cycle. Once she opened this conversation up to women around the world who were in different stages of their cycles she realised how disconnected a lot of women were from their periods and how little they knew about what was happening in their own bodies from month to month.

Yes, Natalie understood that the technicalities of tracking the dates and length of a cycle etc are simple and easy BUT when questioning herself about other aspects of her period she became aware that there was a lot more room for her, and perhaps for most women to deepen the relationships with their cycle and to see what is truly happening beyond just having periods.

A thorough search of the world wide web led Natalie through a myriad of period tracking apps. However, after careful research, it became apparent that none delivered the depth she was looking for.

Whilst she saw it was important to include and address all the technical aspects of tracking a woman’s period and ovulation; there was an even stronger call to add other aspects of our menstrual cycles. Designing an app that allowed for the:

  • Exploration of the various patterns that the body goes through from month to month, increasing our awareness of what really goes on inside the body.

  • Opportunity to take responsibility for our health and well-being.

The philosophy of the Our Cycles App is the epitome of 're-defining health and well-being'. It encourages and supports it's users to engage in a deeper level of living; with self-awareness at the for, fostering observation and understanding in relation to how both internal and external components contribute and impact to life around us.

After all, there is only so much any health care practitioner can offer without our full commitment to taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. No matter how skilled the practitioner, their efforts can only do so much. Whilst as a society in general we seem to be constantly looking for a quick (Viagra type) fix, the Our Cycle App encourages the users to engage in a process of getting to know their own bodies and to then make changes and adjustments in their own time, if and when required. We can then take that lived experience and information to our GP, our nutritionist, psychologist or whomever we might choose to see. Working collaboratively with the practitioner while taking ownership and responsibility of our health.

The Our Cycles App is designed to be multi layered and its use has endless possibilities.

  • You may use it to be your own counsellor
  • To nurture more and take deeper care of yourself
  • To support you to reflect and gain insights
  • To store data information about your cycle so you can develop a stronger connection with it
  • To support managing ovulation

With the Our Cycles App you are offered an opportunity to do a daily stock take of your feelings, moods and symptoms. Whatever the finding, the app is not there to make you ‘be well’ or to make you get a desired result of the ultimate in health and well-being, but to bring an increased awareness into what exactly is going on in your body.

Natalie Benhayon is crystal clear when expressing that Our Cycles App has not been created to fix the world’s health and well-being problems.

Our Cycles App has been designed with a sole purpose of inspiring women and men to deepen their awareness of the cycles we and everything in nature go through. It is a simple tool that can help each individual become more aware of what’s going on in their bodies, so that the person is better equipped to be able to support and deal with her or his own health and well-being issues.

If there is an ultimate well-being App for women and men of all ages then this is definitely the one.


by James Nicholson

The Our Cycles App has helped me develop a deeper connection with my body.

I love using the The Our Cycles app in the evening before I go to bed. It gives me an opportunity to stop, reflect and to clearly see what has gone on in my day.

  • What thoughts, emotions and events I am still carrying?
  • Am I carrying any tension or pain in my body?

By seeing these things clearly I can call them out so they are not hidden or buried, letting go of them and not taking them to bed with me. As a result I sleep so much better and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

However it’s not all negative! I also reflect on how great am I feeling and the parts of my day that have been supportive and joyful.

The Our Cycles App helps to reflect on exactly where I am at in my life. It supports me to confirm the great choices I have been living and encourages me to improve upon the unsupportive choices so that I can live more lovingly.

  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!