Considering internet dating for beautiful mature women

Considering internet dating for beautiful mature women

Considering internet dating for beautiful mature women

You are a lovely single mature woman, and you feel you would love to meet a man to have a sincere relationship ... but nothing seems to be happening in that department …

Sound familiar? So what do you do?

Just like you, there are heaps of gorgeous, attractive, accomplished, vital and switched-on single women in their late forties, fifties, sixties and beyond … Many, if not most, would say that they would love to be in a relationship but the question often asked is, "Where are the men???"

Yet when the topic of dating online is raised, there can be an instant rebuttal, “Oh No, I could never do that!”

If we’re going to move forward, however, this attitude is worth at least examining ...

Is it possible that we ‘mature ladies’ could open ourselves to the reality that internet dating is here to stay: this is the way people often get together now and it’s getting bigger and bigger.

If we reject online dating sites as a possible tool, then we are rejecting a significant slice of modern life. Life has changed since we were younger, and it can be difficult to meet eligible men any other way, so if we do want a relationship we could start by facing some facts which might help overcome any reservations we may be feeling about this:

If you are older and working and you are not into clubs and pubs it is not that easy to meet someone.

Where in fact, can you meet a MAN?

These days with our modern media there is so much you can entertain yourself with at home that there is less need to go out and socialise.

There has been a societal change that has happened in the sense that men appear to be more inhibited in approaching a woman they might meet casually at the beach, a café, or in a shop – even if they are attracted.

This could be to do with the impact of the Women’s Lib movement where we’ve told men over the years in no uncertain terms, that we don’t want to be hassled by them, we don’t want to be objects, we want to be able to do our own thing and . . . we don’t like to be approached.

The result can be that unless a man ‘knows’ you are single and available he will not approach you. But how can he know you are single and possibly interested?

One of the major ways a man can know if you’re available is online… Why not try an online dating site which caters for mature singles! It can make it so much easier.

Another observation to consider:

It was common that friends and families would make a point of doing a bit of matchmaking; inviting single friends of the opposite sex to dinner parties in the chance that there might be a bit of a spark that could start something.

As you get older this does not seem to happen so much, perhaps people are just too busy or their circle of friends narrows as they age ...

Whatever the case, waiting hopefully for your friends to find someone you might click with, is not really the fertile field it once was.

Perhaps also something to look into is our own hidden conditioning and preconceptions around meeting that certain someone.

  • Is there a romantic notion that you are just going to bump into the right man somewhere and he is instantly going to recognise you as the woman of his dreams? You may be lucky but it is unlikely.
  • Perhaps there is a hidden belief that it is somehow wrong or unfeminine to take charge of this delicate area and be pro-active about looking for a partner? Do you feel that it is not very romantic: Isn’t that the man’s job after all? Isn’t he supposed to find you?
  • Maybe you feel nervous and even ashamed about stating the fact that you would like to be in a relationship or a friendship. It’s like we shouldn’t say that, and certainly not broadcast it – it’s almost taboo.
  • We can also feel that if we haven’t met someone through the so called ‘normal’ channels then there is something wrong with us - without pausing to consider that the normal avenues of the past aren’t working any more.
  • Or you could feel vulnerable at the thought of exposing yourself in this way – possibly concerned about your own attractiveness now you are older. Perhaps you are shy and a bit scared of being rejected if you put yourself out there.
  • Or maybe it all feels too overwhelming – how will I handle it if there are interested men and more than one?

These are all issues that can be brought to light and worked through, even with support if needed. They don’t have to get in the way of taking that step to finding a partner if that is what you choose.

So if you feel strongly you would like to meet someone, it may be well worth opening to the idea of dating online – and seriously consider –

“How can I embrace it and make it work for me in a way that is both positive and expanding?”

Just actively taking this step and confirming you are available for a sincere relationship may help turn things around in this sphere of your life.

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  • By Karin Becker , BA Education

    Karin’s main focus is to support women in all different aspects of their wellbeing. By re-connecting to our deep innate wisdom and love we are opening up an amazing potential.