Love – the missing link in gender equality

Love – The missing link in gender equality

Love – the missing link in gender equality

There is an essence to us - that is who we naturally are, and it has nothing to do with our gender.

It is in the depths of our hearts, and when we express and communicate from here, it is true love and equality. When it comes to gender equality, it could be easily said that the missing link is in fact, love itself.

When we were children, as boys and girls we engaged with life in exactly the same way. We felt life from our intuitions and our sensitivities equally. At this stage of our lives, gender had no bearing.

When we played together as kids, we weren't known by our sex; just our names. And we were more recognised for our unique qualities – some funny, some more caring and protective, some daring and progressive, some for just being sweet; and even our personalities when we were cheeky and naughty.

It was so beautiful to be that simple with each other – to know each other from our eyes and by our presence, and the way we naturally interacted with each other in our bodies.

We could be truly real and honest in our expression with each other - we had an openness.

  • We could overcome the differences of height and strength when playing in teams together.
  • We could get creative with our abilities when working on a project together.
  • We could combine the wisdoms and experience of varying ages, and merge them to solve a problem, and keep on playing.

We had not yet experienced the complications of the ‘issues’ that come with gender and the perennial quest we all seem to be on for gender equality.

This is because at this stage of our lives we did not have to confront the expectations that the world places on us – relative to our sex and the roles it demands us to play.

What if that sensitivity that we are all born with (equally), expressed itself in a particular way with men and women – and yet it represented exactly the same thing?

"What if men expressed their true sensitive selves through their tenderness; and women expressed their true sensitive selves through connecting with their sacredness"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations

If we allowed ourselves to experience what is said in the above quote, what we might discover is that we are all precious. And, that this preciousness has no boundaries – it is not gender specific.

We all get hurt when love is not reciprocated – we understand this deeply in our bodies from our inner-heart. What we feel is sadness, and hurt that manifests as a rejection.

These hurts are applicable to all; and yet, there comes a time in a young boy’s life for example, when he is asked to not allow a space for himself to be gentle and express his sensitivity. He is encouraged to toughen up and be a ‘young man’ about his hurts and rejections – thus learning a disastrous lesson of not allowing himself to feel his feelings.

Similarly for a little girl, the responsibility and pressure as she grows to become a woman is that her fulfilment in life will come from being married and having children – with little consideration as to whether this would be her choice or not.

What if we broke down a lot of the constructs and conditionings of what it is to be masculine and feminine…?

And what if we realised that they were just adopted behaviours and beliefs; rites of passages and 'rules of engagement'?

What if these constructs are more to do with society, politics, culture, being in positions of power, and have nothing to do with the inner quality of who we really are and our ability to love and live well in life.

For example, it is not difficult to find research on the differences between men and women that read like this:

  • women prefer to communicate
  • women like to talk about their feelings
  • women tend to worry about physical appearance and attractiveness
  • women tend to be emotional
  • men get motivated when needed
  • men tend to be more aggressive and territorial
  • men like solutions
  • men don't listen

But ... we all know men and women who do not conform to these stereotypes and generalisations… so are they REALLY true?

What if we had learnt/adopted some of these behaviours through:

  • environment
  • conditioning
  • peer pressure
  • cultural mores and rituals
  • religious education
  • sports
  • nuclear family beliefs and ideals
  • economics

and… IS IT POSSIBLE that in the absence of these beliefs, we would just express from our true nature?

Sure, we can recognise our physical and biological differences as men and women – and how this has a bearing on the way we express in physical bodies in our different ways. Our hormones, hair, stature, muscles, the period cycle, our physical strength, our reproductive organs etc do vary;

However, when it comes to being human, and expressing love in relationships (which is what we all want), our physicality is irrelevant.

Maybe there is too much relevance placed on examining the divide between men and women – and not enough focus on true understanding about our common denominators.

Perhaps this is even a set-up to take us away from our natural inclinations to work, play and love equally together without ‘issues’ – just as we did when we were children, unaffected by judgment and discrimination.

We are encouraged to ACCEPT each other’s differences so that we can appreciate each other. But, perhaps it's about accepting that we have a lot in common; as in essence we all feel the same, at the very depth of us we all share the same truths.

We all long to be loved, met and cared for – and to share our own love. Imagine how much our relationships could be restored to harmony if we lived the teaching of this truth, as we already knew and mastered so simply as children.

Imagine if we didn't have to experience so much the divide between genders – but rather the equality of the fact that we are all sensitive, we are all precious, and we are all LOVE. This would bring a greater wisdom, truth and clarity to our understanding of gender equality.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

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