Expressing love in same sex relationships

Understanding love in same sex relationships

Expressing love in same sex relationships

Expressing love in a same sex relationship is something natural, and a natural part of being human. To want to share love deeply and express sexually is a natural feeling in relationships and needn’t alter or become an issue if the individuals are of the same sex.

If you choose from your heart who you express love with, it will never be unnatural or inferior, yet in this world it has been viewed this way by many for a very long time; even today it is still seen as totally unacceptable by some.

Being in a same sex relationship has the potential to evolve personal growth just as any other relationship does. We do not need to attach the label of gay and lesbian or the connotations this may bring, as these labels do not define whether there is love in a relationship or not; that is a choice made by two individuals.

In fact, doesn’t love give us a sense that we can connect way beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies and what we physically represent? It is possible that the love between two people can transcend way beyond an attachment to gender or sexuality.

People have chosen relationships for many different reasons – for example:

  • A person’s looks and physical attraction
  • Financial security and being taken care of
  • For friendship and companionship
  • To assuage loneliness
  • To ‘fit in’
  • Religious circumstances
  • Arranged marriages for reasons of power, wealth and position in society

In truth, when we connect to the heart and soul of another, there is no pre-existing nuptial based on religion, race or sex.

To connect as human beings and express together is our greatest joy, whether it be a man loving a woman, a woman loving another woman, or a man loving another man.


To evolve to this way of thinking, it would serve society to gain an awareness of these rigid constructs of thinking with regards to relationships and how we interpret relationships based on religion, gender, social politics, and education.

In life there is a pressure for people to conform, to belong and to be accepted – the pressure for example of being a young teenager when you fall in love with someone of the same sex. What can be confronting is the rest of the world's reaction to that choice and how we adjust ourselves to living with those judgments (especially if they come from those closest to us – family, friends and work colleagues). This type of pressure has brought so many people much pain and confusion and none of this is relevant or meaningful when it is our heart that chooses who we love!

We can be intimate with another and love who they are – without it being anything to do with what sex they are.

Imagine a day when you never had to 'come out' or say ‘I’m gay’ or had some conjecture made about your ‘lifestyle’ – and instead we were met with the same compassion, pragmatism, and understanding that we bring to nature in all its compositions of intricate and diverse relationships.

Currently there is a worldwide momentum gathering for equality for rights in gay relationships – spearheaded by the laws being passed in 11 countries allowing for the union of same sex couples. This development has been impulsed by the call of humanity to be more equal in its politics and more accepting of ALL.

Poignantly, it is ultimately up to us to accept who we are first, and the world may then choose to follow. There will then be a natural progression towards greater equality allowing all our unique expressions.

All Relationships are a constant reflection of learning lessons about love. Therefore, whomever we choose to love from our heart – it is always an opportunity to learn lessons about loving ourselves and loving others equally.

Our future is calling us to be more accepting and aware in our understanding of same sex relationships, and of the truth that every relationship offers us opportunities to evolve and have an ever-deepening expression of love.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.

  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Lyndy loves truth, people, and great conversation. She works as a tutor in English Literature and is a practitioner of the healing arts.