Love the love you share

The tried and tested formula of celebrating Valentine’s Day can feel a lot like – "Everyone else is doing it, so we should too" – and certainly from a commercial point of view, Valentine’s Day is a roaring success – but is it when we look at the truth of what happens?

Are we letting the potential of our relationships go on hold by waiting for ‘that special day’?

  • When we conform to the apparent 'norm' and follow the pack in making Valentine’s Day a seemingly more 'romantic' day than any other, are we saying, “Okay this is celebration enough, this will do”, essentially putting boundaries and limitations on the relationships we love and are in?
  • When we do this, when we put these 'ceilings' on ourselves, are we restricting our relationships’ development by not giving them the space and the true possibility and opportunity to deepen?

We seem to forget that we have at our fingertips every single day the opportunity to grow our relationships, by simply being conscious of expressing the extent of love we feel with our partner or lover on a regular basis; and instead we make a priority of communicating this way only on so-called ‘special’ days.

We use Valentine’s as an excuse to send cards, flowers, gifts of jewellery, or spoil another in a luxury night away, and yet every day we could leave a beautiful phone message, write a simple but gorgeous heartfelt email, a cheeky funny text, or leave a personal quote in a lunch box or suit pocket!

If we did share our love and appreciation of each other daily, would this ‘special day’ really be any different?

Of course we could still plan and embrace enjoying Valentine’s Day, but the questions to ask are:

  • Would the quality of that expression be any different?
  • Would it be any more 'significant' or 'distinct' than every other day?
  • Would we go to more effort?
  • Or could it be that it is just another day, with many precious and beautiful moments where you honour, appreciate and love the love you share?

"More love asks us to be more loving in every way"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 667

Imagine what it would be like to feel a sense of ‘celebration’ in your relationship just hanging the washing out together, or going for a drive to the shops, actually enjoying and getting a kick out of the simple things in life with yourself and each other. What can be felt and gleaned from these domestic moments is immeasurable, and yet we tend to think that unless we are dining out or doing things outside of the routine ‘day-to-day’ it isn’t enough, or it’s not special.

Often we simply don’t give these ‘day-to-day’ moments any true worth in respect of them being considered valuable time or moments shared together.

Just being together is enough, exploring life with each other is amazing, stepping together and being there for each other is incredible, and appreciating and respecting this in our lives is what makes our relationships stronger.

Being in a relationship is a great commitment, and if it’s honest and loving, it's worth celebrating all the time! And as such, a once a year celebration of that relationship doesn’t cut it – it really isn’t enough; it’s not enough if we truly cherish the relationship we are in.

Without regular appreciation, even the greatest of relationships can become dull, dreary, and somewhat underwhelming.

It is actually entirely possible that each and every moment can be a celebration; not necessarily needing of extravagance, just the simplicity of loving the love we have and voicing that, enjoying it to your heart’s content, with no need to shy away from the fact that you have it.

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