Body awareness: the simplicity of our natural union in life

How does body awareness and inner connection lead to union in yoga?

Body awareness: the simplicity of our natural union in life

As a child, we know what it is like to be connected to our bodies. We play, we dance, we have an acute body awareness, being in the moment where time doesn’t matter, in fact we are barely aware time even exists.

We are born in union, in connection, yet as we grow up we absorb life. Life happens and we disconnect from the loveliness and our inner connection that is innately there within us. We forget that we are sweet, that we are pure, that everything we need is right there inside of us.

Esoteric Yoga is a practice in body awareness that reconnects us back to the essence of who we are. By choosing to be with our body in stillness, the body reveals to us the beauty of what we are born with. The simplicity of this practice supports us to reconnect to the body in a way that reminds us that it is accessible to all, that it is our natural way and every single one of us can live in union, in yoga and that it is not reserved for a special few.

Living yoga is actually not that difficult, it can indeed be very simple. The reason for its simplicity is that it is our natural state of being, we are born with it. What makes it seem hard is that there are so many choices that the world offers that steer us away from ourselves, from our body and from our inner connection to our being.

These distractions are everything that take us away from our body to be somewhere else other than in the present moment and our natural inner stillness. This can range from watching TV, overeating, indulging in emotions – to just name a few. All of these disconnect us from the essence in which we were born and often lead to spending more time in our thoughts as opposed to being with our body. One of the first steps in reconnecting back to the body is to realise that we have been making these choices, and then to choose differently.

That different choice is to bring awareness to your body and what you are doing in any given moment in a tender, gentle and loving way, and to have the utmost respect for your body in all that you do. To deeply honour it like we would a newborn child.

Something happens when we choose body awareness; to be with our body with care and with love. We start to feel our own connection again and that this is not reliant on anything outside of ourselves – it comes from our inner connection.

This is true yoga.

In the audio segment below, Donna Nolan describes her first conscious experience of ‘union within’.

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Body awareness the simplicity of our natural union in life

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  • By Donna Nolan, Universal Medicine Therapies Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

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