Serge Benhayon TV – The Science of Responsibility

Serge Benhayon TV – The Science of Responsibility

In this episode, Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith discuss the science of responsibility. What is responsibility? Could it actually be completely different to what we have imagined it to be? And why, for the most part, do we avoid it at all costs? Could there be more to it?

When left unimpeded, animals act in their own best interest. Instead, humans knowingly make irresponsible choices that harm their health and relationships. To unpack this phenomenon, Rebecca and Serge explore the quality that makes up the ‘being’ in human being. Through a philosophical discussion on the difference between spirit and soul they explore why both the health conscious person and the habitual smoker can both end up with cancer.

This episode offers the viewer an opportunity to peel back the façade of modern life by exploring the layered energetic understandings and sciences, to examine what is really going on.

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