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I had my first ever session with Serge Benhayon in 2004.

At the time I wasn’t really sure what exactly he did; all I knew was that a couple of friends (of very sound mind) had been seeing him and I wanted to find out for myself what it was all about. These friends hadn’t said much; there wasn’t the usual “you’ve absolutely gotta try this” or “this is really going to make a difference” stuff that other practitioners and modalities had engendered in the past. Besides, I was over all ‘this stuff’ and hadn’t seen anybody for years, had basically given up on the idea that life could be different or that I could ever be different or ‘better’. Nothing and nobody had delivered as far as I was concerned, not even psychoanalysis and homoeopathy, and no bodywork modality or new age therapy had done the trick either.

But curiosity alone wasn’t enough to get me there, I was too jaded for that and frankly, couldn’t be bothered.

So I presented with my long-standing shoulder problem from years and years of doing massage, a very deep seeded sadness and a huge sense of futility about life and my part in it. The fact that I had been suffering from biannual bouts of depression I only mentioned as a kind of afterthought at the end of our talk and before the hands-on healing on the treatment table.

I felt amazing after that first session without really being able to analyse why that was, how it had come about and what exactly it was that had made that difference.

And I felt much better than I had for a long while, nearly until it was time to see Serge again four weeks later. These monthly sessions then became my anchor and Serge the solid rock in my life – I felt safe to ask him anything, there was never a sense of being lesser or less knowing in the way he answered my questions. Serge was absolutely safe, utterly dependable and immensely supportive – I had never come across anybody like him before.

Sometimes Serge answered in a way that didn’t fit with how I had constructed my view of the world, people and events to be. When I explained how I saw it there was never any opposition or defence, never a need to convince or get me to side with him, never an investment in me being this way or another, not even an investment in me as the client to get better or think or express that what he was doing was great. But there was this warm and supportive physical space and this utterly safe, trustworthy, respectful and deeply caring man who met me for who I was without conditions, demands or expectations; there wasn’t even any ‘homework’ between the sessions, just this absolute freedom to heal at my own pace under my command and in line with my choices, without any impositions, hopes or goals. This I had never ever experienced before. But not only that, I hadn’t known that it existed or was even possible.

I used to have my appointments on a Friday and loved the early morning drives up the hill to Goonellabah. The sessions were always a mixture of talking about how I felt, any questions I might have and then the hands-on healing itself. At times the latter felt like microsurgery into the depth of my being and I was deeply appreciative of the precision and delicateness of Serge’s unimposing touch and his light way of moving around the table.

Over the years I have taken part in many healing courses, workshops and presentations where Serge Benhayon shares what he does, freely and without hesitation, excuses or hidden agendas.

Serge is not one to hold back when it comes to exposing what is not working in life and he never compromises on the truth he is there to deliver. Interestingly, for me he has no charisma at all, none whatsoever. With Serge I am in the presence of someone who doesn’t need to dazzle, impress, convince, cajole or win me, or anyone, over. There is absolutely no investment in how I live my life or what decisions and choices I make.

There is also no self-interest in him and I can honestly say that Serge does not do anything for himself whilst at the same time looking after and caring for himself in a way that I have never seen in anyone or anywhere before. He is and has always been his own person without ever imposing anything on anyone and that is a huge part of his amazingness as a practitioner and fellow human being. I have always been met in total equalness and from a point of deeply held stillness and inner connection that doesn’t ask me to be anything other than what I already am.

Serge treats and talks to the part in me that is untouched and untarnished by life’s events and my own set of accumulated hurts, opinions, judgments and disappointments. At the same time he is utterly practical and hands-on when it comes to living life and everything that can be thrown at us.

Serge Benhayon practises and lives divinity in action and that is how his treatments and presentations feel – an exchange between one who has claimed and is living this divinity and others who might be open to it (or not, it doesn’t make any difference) or are already on their way to claim this equal birthright in and for themselves, by their own free will and at their own pace.

On top of the sessions, the workshops, presentations and courses there have been countless emails, readings and personal chats. And Serge is always fully present, never distracted or half-hearted about what he engages in, no matter how small or big. Everything is accorded equal attention, dedication and care, there are no off-times for him. And another thing: Serge has never changed in all those years; he was always what he is now but what has changed is my level of openness and acceptance and the degree to which I have healed my hurts and taken responsibility for my choices.

As long as I have known Serge Benhayon he has always been everything he truly is and without compromise. In time he will be known as “the all in One” and in that he has shown me what I am in truth.

And to the degree that I can accept, appreciate, confirm and then live that for myself, I am the one who has changed over the years and am ever more open to what he has and always has had in truth to offer all of humanity.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

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