Making a difference by implementing energetic integrity in healing.

Does it make a difference how a practitioner lives? ... Implementing energetic integrity in healing.

Making a difference by implementing energetic integrity in healing.

I have been attending workshops, courses and trainings in Universal Medicine Therapies for the last ten years. These complementary to medicine modalities have revolutionised the manner and way I work with clients in my private sessions, my presentations and how I live in general.

I have worked in the area of allied health for the last 30 years and in all previous trainings which were extensive – Chinese Therapeutic Massage, Psycho Somatic Therapy, Psycho Drama, Astrology, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Swedish Massage to name a few. Not a single presenter, teacher or facilitator talked about energetic integrity or energetic responsibility and the fact that we need to be living this if we are to bring any true healing to another.

Working in the health industry I have always had a commitment to my clients but it was not until I met and studied with Serge Benhayon that I came to realise what true commitment to my clients actually looked like.

By way of background I can share what I thought was an acceptable way of working with clients before coming to Universal Medicine. In the new age healing scene I was a part of, it was common practice not to have any accountability for the way we were living.

I have worked in many different Healing Clinics where it was common practice to come to work under any of the following circumstances: having been out the previous night drinking, taking ecstasy or smoking marijuana, turning up in whatever moodiness or emotional turmoil I was in, going out in between clients and smoking a cigarette with other health practitioners who worked in the same ‘healing’ clinic. I would let my mind wander thinking about any odd thing whilst massaging – not being present with my client. All that time I would massage my clients in this energy having no awareness whatsoever that the client would absorb this ill energy.

I look back at this now and am appalled by my lack of responsibility and integrity at the time due to lack of any true education. I thought I was offering healing.

I will never forget the first Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Course presented by Serge Benhayon that I attended where we did exercises that changed the way I practise forever.

In our first exercise we explored what it is to have integrity when making physical contact with a client. Serge asked us to think of something that we had been doing the day before and then place a hand on our partner’s knee. The second time around he asked us to breathe gently in and out through our nose and be consciously present in our bodies and then place our hand on our partner’s knees. Both times he asked us to give feedback to each other – how this felt as the practitioner and the client. It is an understatement to say that the difference was phenomenal. The first part of the exercise felt awful and I recognised in that moment how important it is to be connected to ourselves and be aware of the quality of energy we are choosing to be in, before and when, we are touching another.

This simple exercise also made me acutely aware of how much we are so used to touch that is not truly loving nor healing. Over the two days Serge Benhayon spoke about the importance of energetic responsibility and integrity in all aspects of our everyday life including our work place. He also introduced the principles that we need to self-care before attempting or planning to care for others; and that to self-nurture is equally important so that we can nurture our family and others.

I instantly knew that this man walks his talk. Having now observed him for over ten years I know my initial impulse and feeling about this man was one hundred percent correct.

When I first heard Serge Benhayon present it made perfect sense to me that the quality of the state of being I am choosing to be in will impact on my sessions. Once I saw this truth I immediately stopped drinking, taking drugs, started to take more responsibility for my emotions and committed to living a life of energetic responsibility and integrity. This has been an amazing unfoldment and rediscovery of the deeply caring woman I am. I have reconnected to a true way of living that I have always known was possible. All I needed was loving support and true education.

I am now a practitioner of the Universal Medicine Therapies and present on the importance of self-care and self-nurturing to hundreds of women of all ages across the world. I walk my talk and am now able to support other practitioners to work in a way that offers true healing to their clients; and empower them at the same time to completely arrest and turn around the burn-out symptoms that are all too often plaguing practitioners that have not yet re-discovered for themselves the way of responsibility and integrity.

Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine the healing work I do and present now offers humanity a true choice – just the same as it once was offered to me.

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  • By Mary-Louise Myers, Women’s Health Practitioner

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