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The philosophy of Serge Benhayon has enabled the most profound liberation for me. There was no room for blind belief or faith because Serge’s philosophy made sense to my experience of the world, and because I could see how these truths played out in human life it became immediately my own philosophy. The pieces of my life which did not make sense to me all fell into place and with that clarity I could see the falsity of the ideals and beliefs that I still held onto and they began to fall away from my life.

I remember as I was growing up the world did not make sense to me, and to a large extent I withdrew to observing life with only limited participation. I sought philosophy to make sense of what I could see playing out with people. This helped me understand life in chunks or certain aspects and helped me to cope, but did not give the overall picture.

It was not until Serge Benhayon explained the difference between spirit and soul and how that came about that all the human behaviour in the world – all the chaos and turmoil – is understood along with why we’re here and where we’re going.

I understand myself as a Soul – pure, gentle, patient, caring, loving, and understanding.

I understand myself as a spirit – frustrated, withdrawn complaining, irresponsible, self-indulgent, self-abusive, “it’s all about me”.

At any time, I could be one or the other, living my life flipping between the two without consciously realising it: trying to make my way through a world that makes no sense, clutching at the bits I felt distinguished me from others and justifying everything from that.

I understand my parents – loving, caring, dedicated, but trying too hard to make life work from the limitations of their religious beliefs rather than from what they feel in their hearts.

I understand the school playground – we were children wanting to play together and have fun and love each other while pushing the boundaries of what would be accepted: control, manipulation, bullying, victimhood, sympathy, competition, jealousy, intimidation, withdrawal … the whole gamut of human emotion.

I understand the workplace – because we are all Souls trying to be responsible but also like children in the playground we push the boundaries of what emotions we can get away with.

And now, I am wise to the games I play with myself, the justifications I make; I know very well when I am choosing to come from my spirit because it’s always about self. As much as possible I stop when I feel my spirit’s behaviour, I reconnect to the truth of my inner heart and a more loving choice comes to me.

We will never get anywhere as a human race unless we understand that we are both spirit and Soul, and in every moment, can choose which one.

Serge Benhayon explains how karma and reincarnation are very simply about responsibility and once all the myths and misinformation were dispelled I was humbled by the grandness of the Divine Plan and the immense love and patience on offer. Karma is a law of love, not a punishment; it is a rebalancing of energy – our energy returning to us.

I understand myself as an energetic being that has lived in different bodies over many lives and that I am reborn in the same energy in which I departed. Reincarnation gives us all another opportunity to experience life and the consequences of our choices. I find myself in circumstances which I don’t like but I sense the déjà vu of the energy I have been in coming back to me like gravity and I realise I have orchestrated every detail that led to my current position. I have no excuses... I humbly take responsibility for my past actions and know I will never forget the harm caused and so make a more loving choice next time.

I understand my health a lot better, thanks to the philosophy of Serge Benhayon. I understand that how I live affects my body. I pay a lot more attention to the little signs my body sends me – signs I used to ignore and disregard, which as a result always got worse.

If I have let anger or frustration come through me I can now feel how devastating this is on my body – my homeostasis is out of kilter and my body aches – as it is not natural for our bodies to express such heavy emotions. If I don’t speak up when there is something that needs to be said, my vitality drops and I feel exhausted.

I understand that the way we live our lives can be either healing or harming; and that sometimes the body needs medical healing.

I have a lot more respect for the medical services on offer and have a healthy relationship with my skilled and caring GP and I take responsibility for my part of the healing by looking at how I have lived my life which caused me to become ill.

I no longer see life as chunks of incidents that don’t make sense to each other, as I now understand life is cyclical and spherical and every little thing happens for a reason and that everything can be understood.

I also feel like life is more amazing than I have ever imagined: I approach each day with the joy of knowing there is more to learn, so I can bring more love into my life and to the people around me.

Serge Benhayon is the greatest role model because he lives his philosophy every day, walking solidly in the love he lives; he really ‘talks the walk’ rather than the other way around. When I hear him speak I feel a lovely warmth all the way up my spine as acknowledgment that my body knows truth and loves it.

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