What if the job of a seer is to be wrong?

Have you ever observed a group of children playing and said; “That’s going to end in tears”, and sure enough it did? Has your inner voice ever said to you; “You better slow down or you will end up getting sick”, and you don’t slow down and you do get sick?

Life is full of momentums (patterns of behaviour) that we are able to see, feel and even predict. Another word for this is an ability to ‘read’ situations. It is a fairly day-to-day experience for many and something that is not considered out of the ordinary. This ability to read the momentums of how people are living and predict what may happen into the future is called prophecy.

Unfortunately, the idea of prophecy has become glamourised and the emphasis becomes on which predictions were right or wrong. The result is that the deeper purpose of prophecy has been lost.

The real purpose of prophecy is to prevent a further calamity or harm.

In essence, the aim of the seer – the one making the prediction – is to be wrong. Had the children in the above example heeded the warning, then their play need not have descended into tears, or had the person burning the candle at both ends slowed down, they may have not become sick.

But momentums do not just run in individual behaviours, we also see them in families, societies, countries and even the whole of humanity. Have we not as a globe of beings struggled to stop the damaging outplay of our need to make each other feel safe by creating groups that are somehow ‘special’ or ‘different’ from others? This creation of ‘in’ crowds, cultures, religions or even professions has resulted in all manner of bullying, marginalisation, abuse, and even war and death. It doesn’t take much to see where the increasing nationalistic movements around the world could lead humanity if left unchecked.

Being a seer is not a ‘talent’ where some divinely inspired being bestows insights on humanity. The art (and science) of prophecy is available to all. All that is required is a willingness to look beyond the behaviour, to look beyond the intellect of the mind and feel from that deeper place within the root momentum that underpins what you see in front of you.

Any behaviour, dynamic or series of events is nothing but a symptom, a signpost of a bigger root cause, thus the key is to not just read the momentum that is unfolding in front of you but reading the ideals, beliefs and energy that are driving it AND more critically, be willing to read and share what might be needed to put an end to it.

There will have been something driving the children to play rough or pushing the person that feels the need to work until they are sick. Perhaps some latent jealousy might have crept in between the children that needed to be addressed, or maybe the person working too hard has been plagued with low self-worth?

If you can see a situation in front of you but your intention is to simply try and arrest the obvious momentum, putting an end to it can be a bit like trying to stop a truck without lifting your foot from the accelerator. We end up fighting ourselves, if not feeding a bigger momentum. Yes, we might shout at the kids to stop, or put in place ‘rules’ for how to be in the playground, but unless we deal with the jealousy the issues will simple emerge in other ways. We can talk about work/ life balance and the importance of self-care, but unless the person is willing to explore their own self-worth, then nothing will really change. At some level, it’s easy to see the obvious but it can be more challenging and confronting to name the deeper issue.

This is key –– the seer combines a very deep love for people with a willingness to look at life to a far greater depth and an openness to sharing a message that may not be well received. In fact, it is not uncommon for the message and messenger to be attacked, because many people would rather not be asked to stop a momentum that they are dedicated to, even if that behaviour is causing harm to themselves and/ or others.

Have you ever seen the reaction that comes when someone who is angry is told to calm down?

Arresting the momentums running inside people can be difficult and uncomfortable but the seers’ love for people (humanity) is such that the message is more important than the reaction, and seeing a change in the level of harm in the world is more important than ‘being right’. Because if the message is heeded, what has been prophesised will not come to pass!

"There is no definite destiny, only a potential that can occur or not.
A true seer can predict with great accuracy, that which we always have a choice over."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 710

If the predicted issue arises, it means that those who were offered a way to prevent the calamity have instead ignored the gift and taken the longer and more painful path to someday arriving at the same realisation.

And what does society do when illness and calamity strike? Some will deny there ever was a problem, some will rally and respond until the pain passes and then return to the old patterns, some will look for solutions using the same thinking that caused the issue in the first place, others will make polices that want to control and there will be those who will say never again, making the changes required in their own lives first and facing the discomfort and responsibility for change head on.

Resisting evolution and fighting our own awareness is one of humanity’s least supportive but most widely spread momentums.

On this site is a series of prophecies presented over the last twenty years by Serge Benhayon. Each one offers a window to evolution and a level of awareness that foretells the kind of life that needs not end in illness, turmoil or tears . . . yet again.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd