The webcasting of Universal Medicine presentations

The Webcasting of Universal Medicine Presentations

The webcasting of Universal Medicine presentations

Universal Medicine has been offering workshops & courses in Northern New South Wales, Australia, since 2003. The demand for the courses has increased dramatically not only in numbers, but also widened in location. People the world over including Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe want to attend.

Such was the demand that by 2005 Universal Medicine was also offering workshops twice a year in Somerset in the United Kingdom. For those who attended, the benefits of the presentations were immense and a new way of living that encapsulated a deep sense of true self was developed.

In 2007 a new monthly meeting was established called the Esoteric Developers Group (EDG) and people would attend these meetings, held in Northern NSW, from all over Australia. The EDG presentations offered practical experiences for the development of a way of living based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. The call for these presentations grew quickly and people would fly in from all over Australia, but there were many in Australia, the UK, Europe and other countries who wanted to attend but due to geographical logistics could not.

The more the great work presented by Universal Medicine drew global attention, the more there was a call from people to be able to participate in the presentations and workshops, and the clearer the need became to make Universal Medicine presentations available for people the world over.

With the advent of webcasting technology this was now possible and in 2012 a team of local hosts, coordinators and audio-visual technicians joined together to commence a webcasting facility for the monthly presentations of Universal Medicine.

On July 7th 2012 the first live broadcast was launched to 17 sites globally in:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • USA
  • New Zealand

The strong emphasis for the webcasting initiative was not only to make webcasting available as a presentation but to also work with the principles of true group work. Participants who attended webcasts came together in groups in central locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Munich and Somerset and other towns worldwide to view and participate together in the event.

A student who attended the first Universal Medicine webcast presentation describes the experience:

“On the 7th July 2012 a group of people gathered in our home in Sydney to watch the first ever webcast by Universal Medicine. There was a great sense of anticipation. A group of about eight had come together and we were eagerly waiting to see and experience what the webcast facility would look and feel like! It was clear that history was being made and that boundaries that had once existed were being erased. In the past many of us had travelled a long way to attend the Universal Medicine events in person, but now we had the amazing opportunity of participating without the expense or time required to travel. As we waited for the Webcast to commence we also knew that hundreds of people around the planet were similarly gathered in groups to also experience the event.”

As expected the Webcast facility has grown substantially and to date the global demand for access to the presentations of both the College of Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine continues to grow. Webcasts have been extended to incorporate student initiatives, free events and event concerts.

Live and recorded events are currently available to 77 different group sites, across 18 countries. Webcasting is now at the point where more people attend monthly events through webcast than attend in person.