Serge Benhayon and Universal Truth

As I came to realise the magnificence of the depths that we as a humanity can embrace and hold, and our immense capacity to love with integrity and an intimacy that is only bound by even greater love; that we are born of the same substance that connects us universally in complete oneness, I realised I had returned to a place that deep within I had always known and belonged to.

When I heard Serge Benhayon speak of the Universal Intelligence that we all hold and have access to, everything fell into place. His revelations on energetic truth, love, Soul, spirit, and God make sense of everything, all I have ever felt about the dichotomy of living in the world as we know it today – that has not changed one iota in eons. This was the part of the puzzle that was missing when trying to make sense of how and why we live life as we do. This was the vital piece that brought both a deepening settlement and a burning purposefulness into my life that has blazed the way ever since.

I grew up feeling puzzled about the world. Why do we do what we do to each other? We are born delicate, all-feeling beings of love… What happens? Why, after thousands of years, do we still have atrocities such as war, famine, torture, and any form of abuse in existence? How can we possibly call ourselves intelligent while we allow this to run in any way, shape or form?

So it is obvious that what we readily accept as ‘intelligent’ doesn’t necessarily behave in an intelligent manner, make sense, or have true wellbeing at heart. What is this version of intelligence that feeds off separation, that rewards a few and starves many, that can touch the sky with technology but is backwards in engendering the truth and activity of Love as a basis in life?

My body was re-awakened in one sweet moment when I felt my Soul. This was not a new experience, here was a particular warmth that I remember distinctly as young child, but on feeling my return to it, one that I realised I had abandoned, beginning in teenage years as I enjoined in the dramas of life and left my true sensitivity and delicacy behind.

And here was Serge Benhayon, a man who spoke not through dictates but through the way he lived life, with impeccable respect, integrity and the deepest love for humanity that I have ever known. Serge is a living testament to the truth that we need never doubt that we intimately know and access the well of Multidimensional Universal Intelligence by virtue of ‘it is who we truly are’ – and is in my experience, an undeniable fact. We are far more than flesh and bone or functionally human and it is in the embracing of our beingness that our natural senses and deepening true intelligence unfolds. It is the particles in our body that carry the golden thread that connects our Kingly body, the divine body through which we can access the love of God and the depths of Universal Wisdom, to be and live that in life. It is our birth-right to claim that we are of that divine light.

How natural can it be to live as God? As natural as the stars that shine at night. The stars that reflect the qualities of magnificence, and their radiance reminds of us who we truly are at every turn of the globe.

Do we truly evolve as we re-volve? The Ageless Wisdom that Serge Benhayon presents holds the key. These ancient teachings, originally at the basis of many religions and philosophies but conveniently altered to suit the rulers of the day, are now back in truth – The Way of the Livingness, in its absolute magnificence. We are but a fleeting moment in history. Thousands of years have passed and thousands of years will follow, but we are also at a very grand moment in the history of the world.

The complete richness of Multidimensional Intelligence that Serge Benhayon presents offers a zenith, an ever-deepening sacred point, in which we all, every one of us, has a part to play.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter