The science behind The Way of The Livingness – a relationship with sensitivity and God

The Way of The Livingness – a Relationship with Sensitivity and God.

The science behind The Way of The Livingness – a relationship with sensitivity and God

“Heaven is not a place, Adam. It’s a vibration, and so you enter Heaven by virtue of recognising and aligning to its vibrational essence”.

Such were the words offered to me in a session with Natalie Benhayon in early 2018. They changed my life, or at least deepened my approach to life.

If you wanted to summarise the religion known as The Way of The Livingness, you could say that everything about what it teaches us is about learning to recognise and align our way of being to the vibrational essence of Heaven, and of God.

At first, that seems intangible, improbable, and even fanciful that such a thing is even possible, especially to a mind that has been taught to think about the world and religion in purely theological terms. Even to a true philosopher, who has the wisdom enough to contemplate life beyond what they see, such words truly mean little unless they have been lived.

So we end up with a proliferation of different ideas about the true nature of our being – from the belief in the absence of God, right through to the many various religions. All of them, bar none, rely to a large degree on belief, faith . . . hope. Listen to an argument between an atheist and a priest, and both offer reason that is difficult to fault. One offers reasons that make sense that there is life beyond this realm. The other offers the safety of the certainty that comes with accepting life only within the parameters of what can be explained by the evidence we currently have at our disposal. One offers theology. The other offers logic. Both will tell you that they are being philosophical.

Neither really offers a pathway to understanding our true nature via any means other than faith, or logic. So, if the nature of God is truly energetic in essence, where do we turn? How do we come to know this and put it to the test if logic, faith and reason cannot deliver us to Heaven’s doorstep? Furthermore, if it is true, why do we not already know of the essence of God in this world?

Perhaps it is easier at first to answer that last question, for what we are taught to experience by applying the living principles of The Way of The Livingness is that you cannot feel the true vibrational essence of life with the mind. You can only feel it through the intelligence that is communicated to us through the entire body, of which the mind is only a part.

At first this seems improbable – that intelligence is not confined to the mind – but even before we learn to experience this as a lived truth, science is on our side here. Recently it has been discovered that the heart acts independently of the brain, and has its own nerve centre for making its own decisions. That is quite a revelation. But let us take this further, right down to the cellular level. Cancer is, in its own peculiar way, proof that our cells have the capacity to think for themselves. Here is a cell, devoid of its true purpose, going rogue – doing its own thing in spite of the signals being sent to the rest of the cells surrounding it. Even at birth, before the brain is formed, there is an intelligence that instructs the stem cells to divide and reproduce, to form amongst other things, the very brain itself that we call the centre of intelligence. Therefore, as this is our body, and occurring within our body, there has to be a way of opening up some form of communication with that intelligence – known as feeling.

But I digress – back to the question of why we cannot feel the essence of Heaven and of God.

Put simply, all of life can be described by way of energetic vibration. Physical life is still energy, only very dense to the point of being able to be seen. Beyond that we have the world of emotions – energetic vibrations that are still relatively heavy in nature. And whilst we cannot see them, we can sense them – tangibly so. Even the most stoic man can still sense when another is angry, even if he cannot make sense of what he is feeling. Beyond that is a world unseen, yet still there – a world of quarks, electrons, neutrons, Higgs Boson particles, radiation, and more.

Add to that list – and hypothetically if you like at first – the highest vibration in this universe known as Fire, or the essence of God – noting that not only is it God’s essence, it is our true essence, and that of our Soul. Physicality is not our highest state of being, despite the fact we are trapped here in a world defined by that which we experience through the limitations of our five senses.

And yet... it is taught in The Way of The Livingness that we can feel the essence of life, and of God, through the body. Unfortunately this is reality for very few people, to the point where to suggest such a thing would seem to be preposterous.

But that is not because we are not all equally capable of experiencing life in this way. It is rather, that for most of us, we have allowed our body – our instrument for communicating with God – to be corrupted.

It was not always so. Sensitivity is innately within us all, and is gifted to us at birth – thus why a baby does not delineate or apportion their love but rather loves equally and with abundance. In short, they are emanating the essence of God in every fibre of their being, and thus why we are generally universally drawn to their presence.

But that sensitivity is crushed from a young age as we are taught to ignore our refined level of sensitivity. Indeed, sensitivity is so ridiculed it has become a word for meaning weak, and vulnerable, when in truth to be sensitive merely means to sense – and to sense what is going on in the world beyond the realm of physicality means increased awareness. Increased awareness thereby means increased understanding, and understanding of course leads to true power. So to be sensitive is to be anything but weak.

We have been fooled.

Instead we learn to harden our bodies and our minds to the world and to people as we learn to protect ourselves against a world that is corrupted beyond measure.

As we harden our bodies physically they become dense, and take more effort to move. So as we get older and move away from the tenderness of youth, we exhaust ourselves in the effort to maintain a body that is being kept tight, tense, and rigid. In turn we might look to inject into our bodies stimulants such as caffeine to keep going, and so we end up creating a body that becomes poisoned by its own adrenaline. This in turn ironically feeds the anxiety and stress we are trying to avoid in the first place. In order to cope, we then seek to bludgeon our body by way of food and alcohol in order to numb what we do not like to feel we have done to ourselves.

So I could go on . . . all of life can be explained in similar terms – the point being eventually we only get to know life by the state of being that we have created.

The greatest problem with creating such a life as that mentioned above however is not necessarily the unwanted physical side effects – though they are bad enough. The greatest tragedy is that we have in turn now created a body that is not receptive to feeling energy. Indeed, our body is hard pressed communicating to us the most basic of signals to the point where we need a test to detect the golf ball sized tumour in our prostate, or need a psychologist to tell us we have post-traumatic stress disorder. For most of us, we cannot even acknowledge when we are beginning to feel tired, or anxious, or stressed. We have simply learnt to override those basic levels of awareness in order to get on with life.

So it becomes our known and familiar way of being. It becomes our known reality.

This needs to be understood if one is to be open to the fact that the essence of Fire can be felt and experienced, for it may be that one’s body is not receptive to feeling the fact, even though it resides within you.

If this is the case, then herein lies the tragedy, for the energy of Fire by comparison is beautifully exquisite by nature. It is of the finest vibration, and it is ours by natural right. However, in order to feel even part of its essence, one needs a body that is receptive to feeling energy to that level of detail. In short, the denser the body, the less receptive it is to feeling energy. The more spacious we allow our body to become, and the more honouring we are of its true delicacy, the more sensitive we are to feeling energy.

Now that is not always a pleasant thing – to feel the world in its entirety. There is much in the world we rightly do not want to feel, and so it is natural to want to shut down our awareness. The problem with doing so however is that we also shut down our awareness of our true heavenly essence – that of Fire.

Not only that, but because emotions are energetically so dense by nature, and because even at our most corrupted we are still not able to shut down entirely our sensitivity to all that we feel, we still are not able to block out that which pains us. So even the most hardened criminals may still find themselves unable to block out the anxiety or anger that drives them. What is worse is that it becomes all that they may be willing to feel, and so they have no barometer to keep such feelings in perspective.

Any being who loses their connection with the Love of their Soul and their own sense of love is therefore capable eventually of what we call great evil.

This explains in short why the majority of us are ignorant of the fact of Fire. It also explains in a nutshell the underlying philosophy behind all of the living principles taught by The Way of The Livingness.

All aspects of life – from the way we eat, to the way we sleep, to the way we engage with others and with life – either contribute to the densification of our physical body, or its expansion, and our subsequent ability to feel the world of energy, including the Fire of our Soul.

Like the water lily, we are most receptive to the Sun when we unfurl ourselves in our delicateness. As Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “the laws of the universe are not indifferent, but are forever on the side of the most sensitive.”[1]

As we let ourselves surrender in response to that willingness to be sensitive, our body responds, in turn allowing us to reach deeper levels of sensitivity and energetic awareness. And so as we become aware of all the things that cause us to harden to the world, we equally become gradually aware of a deep love that starts to emanate from our core.

The effects of this process on our body – of our willingness to once again be sensitive to the world – are many and numerous. It may be that as we open up our heart again to people and to life, we might clock how the physical body unfurls as the chest muscles and shoulder blades open up.

It may be that as we stop shouldering the burdens of the world, we note how our shoulders physically reconfigure in response as they let go, and in turn stop pulling on our lower back, relieving us in turn of the back pain we may have otherwise experienced.

Perhaps the realisation dawns on us that we have been cowering from the world and all its harshness, and as we learn to stand true, we realise our shoulders, once drawn forward and inward, broaden themselves as the chest starts to expand.

Maybe we start to challenge and let go of the ideals and beliefs we hold around what it is to be a man, or a woman, and what we think we need to do to become something in this world, and so our hips start to loosen up.

In time, as we allow the body to respond to our increased levels of sensitivity, we begin to feel what it is like to be truly free in a body that is not a slave to the ideals that rule it.

This relationship between body and state of being is twofold. Likewise, one can start to increase one’s awareness of what they may once have otherwise been blind to by simply changing their quality of movement.

A movement made in delicacy is a movement towards sensitivity, and so a focus on physical sensitivity opens us up to greater levels of emotional and energetic sensitivity, and vice versa – the two forever intertwined.

So The Way of The Livingness teaches us that quality of movement is King if we wish to truly understand the vibrational nature of Heaven.

There are of course some side effects, for as we become more delicate and tender with the body in movement and action, our physical sensitivity to the cold, and to pain, becomes more acute – a process that goes hand-in-hand with increased levels of energetic awareness. A whole new world starts to open up. The water lily unfurls, emitting its own fragrance unto the pond. The bees return, and we are reminded once again of life’s true vibrancy. The stars become our companions, instead of distant points of light in a darkness otherwise unknown.

Our connection to the religious nature of life returned, the budding initiate we become, open to life in a way that is more complete, and more spherical in its connection. It is natural as one then starts to become invigorated, that one starts to re-commit to temporal life in full once again, only in a different sort of way. Work and life itself starts to energise us, as the energetic centre of our life force – our kidneys – start to ignite, and the region around the lower back starts to swell and emanate a perpetual sense of warmth. That feeling of course is the sense of Fire igniting one’s kidneys with the simple act of commitment to life.

In time, other physical and energetic levels of awareness await. Our wrists and forearms become more delicate as we stop trying to control life, surrendering instead to the beauty of the warmth that impulses us from within. It may be that we feel the cranial plates around our skull start to move and become more supple as they respond to the delicate and sacred way with which we treat our body. We feel the lightness of being that emanates from our crown. That of course is the resurrection of the thread that is our connection to God.

All of these levels of awareness await any initiates who dedicate themselves to opening up their body again to its true level of sensitivity. All of these things are real, tangible, and in time able to be felt by one who has learnt once again to communicate with their body.

Such awareness of course takes time to unfold. Such is the corruption of our body, it takes a certain dedication and discipline to reignite such levels of sensitivity whereby we can feel such things. Without doing so, talk of the energy of Fire is just that – mere religious philosophy – to be accepted in good faith or condemned as nonsense.

Over time, as one deals with the many and various ways in which we corrupt our relationship with our body’s sensitivity, our awareness deepens – to the point whereby one starts to feel life by way of energetic emanation.

It starts by being able to give qualitative meanings to the most basic of feelings. Grief feels like someone has placed a weighted blanket over one’s head and chest. Anger feels direct, like an arrow piercing one’s heart, causing one to bring their shoulders forward involuntarily. A woman feels more acutely the imposition of sexual energy as a man leers across at her from the street. A man might start to feel how a woman in turn may use her sexuality to energetically manipulate him.

In time, the nuances of life reveal themselves even more. Emotional love is felt for the actual imposition it is upon another – a suffocating ownership. Corruption is revealed in the tiniest corners of life, and the barriers humans put up to each other become more acutely sensed.

Sensitivity to food becomes more acute, and the day may dawn when a grapefruit tastes sweet, and you register how your heart picks up pace from the sugar hit contained within.

All of that on its own would be overwhelming, and so it would be if you had nothing else to fall back on as a foundation. So The Way of The Livingness teaches us equally to develop a relationship with love, which starts with self-love at first – the disciplined application of certain actions designed to prepare the body to receive true love – actions that serve to enable us to open ourselves up to our sensitivity, and thus in time make decisions from a point of communication with the body, and not with the mind.

This is the science behind The Way of The Livingness. It is not something that can be simply understood by way of application of the mind, and instead requires us to reconnect to the intelligence of the entire body.

This brings us, of course, back to that last point – about developing a relationship with true love, and with the Fire of the Soul.

In the body, Fire is felt as an emanating and beholding warmth. It may appear in one part of one’s body, or all of it at once. It may start commonly in the kidneys and lower back area, or the centre of one’s chest if one is in a healing session, or may come down through the crown. It may at first be felt in the wrists, or the bottom of one’s feet. It feels non-imposing, and yet seems to ignite from within. It is delicate, yet powerful, and embracing. It inspires the feeling of being held by something universal and a deep sense of settlement and surrender within. That is the nature of its quality.

But how do you start developing a relationship with Fire? Do you at first renounce all that it is not, like the Buddhist monk, determined to detach from reality? No, not exactly. One can only renounce the falsity of a way of being if it is at first exposed by a higher truth. In other words, you need to have at first felt a semblance of Fire – if not in yourself, then at least in another, that inspires you to live a different way. That then provides the inspiration to look at one’s life with more honesty.

The good news is that Fire can be felt by all but the most shut down of bodies, as long as there is Will to do so. Our experiences initially may be momentary, for in the beginning of the path to resurrection, our bodies are not yet capable of holding the fullness of love, nor of registering the entirety of its quality in full.

This is where the esoteric healing modalities come into play. They are in essence designed to give one a sense of reconnection to the Fire within, and to support building a body that can indeed maintain a consistency of its presence and embodiment. For once one gets up and leaves the healing table, the longevity of our connection to Fire depends entirely on how we choose to live thereafter.

This aspect is called The Way of The Livingness, and in time, no aspect of life ends up being left untended as one works out The Way to move in life that keeps that spark forever ignited – so that in time the Son becomes the Father, and the Father likewise embodies the Son.

Such is the nature of God.


  • [1]

    Henry David Thoreau, Walden, Shambhala Boston & London 2004 p197

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