Serge Benhayon – The Universal Man. Find out what it means to be and live as a Universal Man

For me, Serge Benhayon is a true Universal Man.

What does this mean?

A Universal Man for me is someone who lives in a way that is all encompassing, who lives knowing that EVERY thought, action, word or deed has an effect not just on his own life but on life everywhere – indeed on the Universe itself. Such a knowing means that a Universal Man is someone who takes great responsibility for the quality of all choices that are made, as each is either adding to the harm and chaos of the world or bringing healing and divinity to the world.

Whilst this might seem like too much responsibility for many, for a Universal Man it is the only way to live, for such a person embodies the love of God and it is but then a natural calling to live and express from that love in every way, every day. Of course there is no perfection sought or to be attained and even a Universal Man is never perfect, accepting his humanness and foibles with grace and never disdain.

Since 2007 I have witnessed Serge Benhayon live in such a way and in doing so he has also inspired countless others, including myself, to ‘up their game’ by living with greater levels of responsibility. The understanding that I have gained from Serge Benhayon about what it means to be responsible and to live in a way that is energetically responsible has totally transformed my own understanding and plumbed new depths of meaning regarding responsibility.

If everyone lived with such a degree of responsibility for the choices they make I have no doubt the world would be a very different place – there could be no rape, no murder or paedophilia for starters – and those are just some of the more obvious and gross examples of what happens when irresponsibility predominates.

But imagine being responsible for the quality with which we speak to each other every day so that there was no anger, frustration, bitterness or resentment in our words or tone? Imagine being so responsible for the food/drink we put into out bodies that we could no longer eat any junk food, drink alcohol or ingest any stimulants like caffeine, drugs or even excess sugar?

And I am only scratching the surface. Living with this degree of responsibility, as Serge does, is not something that can be faked for a few hours here and there, never mind years – it has to be lived every day, consistently so, and if not, it will be seen and felt.

A Universal Man loves everyone equally because he knows everyone is love, that everyone is a Son of God, who irrespective of story or behaviours deserves to be loved.

I know I am not alone when I say I know and have felt this equalness of love from Serge and there are hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of people who have felt held, seen, acknowledged and truly respected by him and the love he embodies and emanates. Even when recounting a story of perceived injustice to Serge, he has never taken sides or spoken badly of the other people involved but holds them all equally in love whilst explaining what is going on energetically. Serge holds all equally in love, in true brotherhood, respecting the right of all people everywhere to make their own choices as to how they live life, never imposing upon another, just presenting a way of life based on the lived wisdom of love for others to accept or reject as they feel to.

A Universal Man also knows that it is not him but his soul that maketh him so. In knowing this, a Universal Man can never be bigheaded but instead has true humility for he knows that without the soul he is nothing. However, he also fully accepts and does not shy away from the fact that with the soul he has access to everything – to the Universal and Ageless wisdom of the inner heart that is far superior to the intelligence of the human mind.

And so, it is therefore possible for a one time tennis coach who has had no tertiary level education to be so well versed in philosophy, psychology, religion, science and medicine – to name a few. He is a modern day polymath yet has not received any formal training in the subjects he is conversant in.

It’s not because he has conducted personal hours of study, reading books or the internet, attending courses and so forth – it is because he embodies the soul and through that has access to the one true source of universal intelligence and wisdom – God. His knowledge does not come from regurgitation of learned facts but from the living wisdom of his own body, heart and soul and connection with the divine.

However, it has to also be said that he is not special or gifted in this – it is something that is possible for all by choosing to live from the essence of love within. Serge just happens to have lived from that source for many lives and so has evolved further along the path than many of us. He has inspired many to live in such a way, to make choices from and with love and in doing so they bear the fruits of their own choices and also become increasingly Universal Men and Women – dedicated to serving humanity and expressing the love of God, thy heavenly Father, in every day.

In my opinion, Serge Benhayon is a Universal Man: a Son of God, a man who is ahead of his time, who is living the future of humanity today by choosing with dedication and commitment to live in, from and with love.

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  • By Dr Eunice Minford, MBChB MA Dipl Clin Ed FRCS Ed

    Eunice Minford works as a Consultant General Surgeon. She has trained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and has an MA in Applied Spirituality.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd