Serge Benhayon – An inspiration to Humanity. A Beacon of Light

Over the 10 plus years that I have known Serge Benhayon, I can honestly say he is the most consistently loving human being I have ever met.

This immense love has reignited the love in me and I have reconnected to this most natural way of being. Serge has a relationship with the truth that is unwavering in its commitment and is truly inspiring.

It is very clear Serge has a deep love for humanity in all that he lives and presents; he is a true beacon of light, reminding us all we are of this same light.

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  • By Victoria Picone

    A forever student of life and the grand universe we are a part of. I am a woman who is dedicated to true health and wellbeing, from the inside out. I love the ever-unfolding nature of life, the people in it, and nature’s beauty… reflecting our own.