Popularity versus Truth

In a world that is set up for us to fit in, belong, be part of something, the push and the desire to be popular, have friends, be in community and be liked is enormous. This need to be liked has us turning ourselves inside out compromising who we are even if it means turning away from what we know and feel to be true, even if it means conceding our values and what we hold dear and sacred.

Society sets ways of being, standards of behaviour, dress codes and different groups that we identify with and attempt to fit ourselves into. We are honed to be individual, yet we crave to belong.

This starts with family, community groups, religious affiliation, gender, skin colour, nationality… and later school, and profession, hobbies, clubs etc. We become identified by what sets us apart and yet at the same time appears to make us belong.

So we look outward and to what the world and the people in it role model and reflect back to us to see where we most closely fit, where we can attain ‘popularity’, where we will best be accepted, left alone, unchallenged and secure. So we identify as the nerd, the jock, the pretty girl, the music lover (and all the branches therein), the foodie, the outdoor type, the surfer, the Goth, the rebel and so on and so on.

Yet the need to fit, to comply, goes deeper than this superficial layering as what is role modelled and reflected to us by life shows that you better do what’s popular, what is considered the norm because after all everyone is doing it and you don’t want to be the odd one out, do you?

What does this mean? What point here is being made?

Well let’s take it back a step or two. Here we have human society that says its ok to drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs, overeat, drink coffee, partake of entertainment, be competitive. After all everyone’s doing it – it’s just normal.

We are raised in a family that says we are family and therefore I have the right to love you and at the same time fight with you, take out my emotions on you, abuse you and still demand to have you love me and make an allowance for my behaviour because we are family.

Yet when we are born we are pure, we are love, we know it as a quality and feeling that holds us, surrounds us and is us; yet here we have a family that does not necessarily hold or reflect that same quality of love, and a life out there certainly doesn’t have that quality and is not asking us to be that. In fact it feels like life is asking the total opposite – it rewards the fitting in, the compromised version of us over the full, sensitive, love-filled being that we are.

So, from very young we sense there is a choice – to be ‘popular’, be rewarded, accepted and be part of this human life, or to hold the truth of who we are and the love that we come from and risk being unpopular, being different and being ostracized.

Why would it be considered ‘unpopular’ to hold true to our natural essence and who we are?

Because to do so would expose that in so many areas of human life we actually have it so wrong – we have turned from our natural essence, and how this would ask us to live and be, and that we have instead settled for a lesser way of life.

To hold true would highlight that we as a humanity are living a long, long, long way from what is required. This would cause tension and discomfort in those around us as it would expose them for living a falsity; this then would be directed back at us since so many are choosing to live this lesser way of life – we would be seen as the odd one out, the weirdo, the one who is peculiar and does not fit in.

And why? Because by not fitting in we are showcasing that the way human life currently is does not work. That human life is not it – that it does not hold the quality of love and all that we come from and in fact all that we are here to return to.

The moment we think we belong to family we have become separated, reduced and less than the whole. A whole that says we are one family, one human race.

Society says don’t rock the boat, be nice, be good, do as I do, don’t be different and don’t expose that what we live is not it.

And so we have 8 billion individual units all seeking to belong to something – a something that asks you to not be who you truly are. For to be who you truly are would expose all of human life and how far off track we have become.

For to be who you truly are would ask you to make your relationships and family about love, to make life about evolution and knowing that you come from more than this, that you are not a human being and are in fact a Soul, an equal Son of God, returning to be the face of the Soul on Earth – a plane of life that we do not come from.

Can you see why this would not be popular, why it would be easy to discount it, to say ‘oh that’s far-fetched fairy tale nonsense’ or the ramblings of someone who is quite insane???

Yes, it’s easy for the human mind to discount it, but yet there is a deep unease and unrest in your body, a deep tension and unsettlement that no amount of food, TV, alcohol, sex, good times and ‘belonging’ ever seems to fill. There is a knowing within that there is more to life and that this is not it.

But hey, don’t go there because you’ve got to fit in at all costs; don’t be unpopular, don’t stand out. Don’t you dare be who and what you truly are. Don’t you go reminding humanity that they are lost, and they are more than this – that there is a different yet true way to be and live.

Do not our rates of illness and disease, mental ill health and our inability to live without abuse, greed, corruption and conflict show that this model of life is not working? How many more wars, mass shootings, cases of domestic violence and abuse do we need before we put our hands in the air and say this being popular thing isn’t it?

What will it take for us to raise our young to hold that level of love and quality they are born with, who is willing to live a model of love first, especially if it means it will be unpopular – that it will not be liked because of all that it exposes about the way we currently live in a model that says fit in, just be human, get good grades at school, get a job, a house, get married, have kids, settle for security.

What will it take to say I am willing to live truth and stand for what I know deep within – and that I hold that dearer and more sacred than being popular?

It takes one person: yes, that’s all… one. One person who is deeply connected to the love they are and who is willing to role model and reflect that no matter what, knowing that through what they live others receive that reflection which inspires and awakens within them that knowing, that inner sense that they too are that; an old and familiar feeling shut down but never gone.

We have over the aeons had many of these ‘Ones’ – World Teachers, prophets, enlightened beings who lived and taught that we are Sons of God, that we are one, that we come from Soul and the Kingdom of God is within us. These teachings are known as the Ageless Wisdom and have a lineage that goes back as far as Hermes, through to Buddha, Yeshua (Jesus), Krishna, Mohammed, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and many more. These Ones spurred movements of people living the teachings and the model where family, relationships and life were about love and evolution back to soul; movements such as the Essenes, Cathars and Rosicrucians.

Through these movements there were many who reflected an unpopular but true model of life.

And what now? Well now we have history repeating, which if you examine human life through the ages you will see that we are good at… yes, we do not learn from history, we simply repeat it. Don’t be fooled into thinking we have advanced or moved on as whilst our clothing and backdrop to life is changed, the history is the same, for we still have war and corruption, greed, abuse, separatism and so on.

Yet here we have history repeating with a man, a One, who in this life has chosen to reawaken and live the model of life based on love and the impulse of his soul. To raise his family to be love and to know who they are and what they are. To reflect this to others, who then have felt the truth of what he lives as that truth is within them too (as it is in you). And for that community (one that is spread globally) to then live that model of love for themselves and to also become a ‘One’ reflecting a different way of living, a true way of life, that presently is unpopular as it is exposing that this human way of life is not it; that we have it wrong on so many levels and there is work to be done.

And imagine like those that have been before him, this One is being taunted, ridiculed and persecuted. But in these modern times the witch-hunt is not being burnt at the stake or on the cross: no, it is carried out by labelling and discrediting and crucifixion by media and social media. And whilst you can label this man – and the movement that has arisen through his inspiration – anything you want to denigrate and deny what he represents via this modern-day crucifixion with words, you cannot deny the equality and the love that the man represents. And for those that this man’s life has inspired and continues to, they will no longer deny what they know to be true for the need to be popular.

For once you reconnect back to the Soul, your deep sense of knowing and purpose for why you are here has been so ignited that you are willing to stand for truth over being popular every moment of every day for the rest of this life, knowing you are here to model love and where we truly come from.

"In the still and quiet – you know the truth, for it is you that is that truth."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 251

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