Serge Benhayon explains the actual truth of Brexit

I was recently involved in a conversation with a few friends and Serge Benhayon, about the Brexit vote that will now result in the UK leaving Europe.

We were speaking about how huge an exposure it was of the state of humanity, that 52% of a country would want to split from their brothers. A dire indication of the lack of connection in which we all live and abject proof that there are huge swathes of society that are feeling so abandoned and separate that to take this further step of separation, seems of no consequence. For them, the system is not working, has deserted them and so they want to break it.

This has been a massive wake-up call for the whole country and we each and every single one of us are directly responsible for this state of affairs. The arguments and debates will rage for a long, long time with blame being apportioned to the media, the politicians, Brussels and all sorts.

But then I was pondering. If the vote had gone differently; say 60% had voted Remain and 40% Leave, then this conversation would never be happening. The zillions of conversations going on all over the globe about Brexit would never be happening. I wouldn’t have had my eyes opened to this state of affairs. Society wouldn’t have been forced to take this long look at itself. The status quo would never have been upset and life would have carried on exactly as it was. With 60% in their comfort bubbles and 40% left as they were – abandoned, feeling separated and wanting to walk away from humanity.

And it was then that Serge contributed to the conversation. “If even one single person in the whole country votes to leave Europe, to separate from their brothers, then the system is failing and there is work to be done by all of us.”

This one short, simple sentence tells you everything you need to know about Serge Benhayon and his utter and unwavering dedication to the whole of humanity, to every single last one of us and to our return to true brotherhood. His service literally knows no limits. There is no stone he will leave unturned. There is no one else in the world like him.

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