True movement – let your body guide the way

True movement – let your body guide the way

True movement – let your body guide the way

When we are born, we are already everything. We feel everything, we know everything, we are everything. We allow ourselves to be moved, letting our body guide the way. We breathe, cry, drink, smile, we wave our arms and legs, lift our head, roll over, sit up, stand, walk, run and learn to be in our body, over and over again.

Each life we start afresh, in a new body, moving as we are guided to move.

So what guides us?

We can move in a way that honours the body, responding to its signals and modifying our movements accordingly. In this way we learn to move in a rhythmic, flowing way, the movement of our Soul, a way that is in line with the rhythm of the universe and its in-breath and out-breath, a way that moves when impulsed to do so and rests in between movements in the universal rhythm of motion and repose.

But we are dependent on others, first for our physical survival and then to meet our emotional needs. And those others may have pictures in their heads of how we should be and move, and we may take on pictures of how we should be and move. We may start to move as directed by thoughts, to try and fit in with those pictures – pictures of how we should look, be and move. We can push ourselves and allow ourselves to be pushed, to move harder, faster, for longer, moving in drive, in constant motion. This movement is the movement of the spirit, the part of us that separated from our Soul to carve out its own individual existence in separation to the whole we cannot in truth ever be separate from.

This mode of movement does not honour our bodies and their natural rhythm and the rhythm of the universe, but asks us to override that innate knowing. And to do this we have to call in an energy – an energy that depletes us and requires outer fuel to fuel it, like sugar, caffeine, carbs, alcohol and other drugs.

We can only keep going for so long in this way, overriding the body’s natural rhythm, before the body has to call a halt, whether it be in the form of an accident, injury, illness or disease.

And when this happens, we can respond to the stop moment and the healing on offer and change our movements, or not. And if we do not, and continue to override the wisdom of the body, the stop moments will get bigger until we are stopped once and for all. But if we die in this momentum, we reincarnate in this same momentum; we come back in another body with the same spirit driving the vehicle, and the same inevitable outplay. So how can we change the momentum we are in, knowing we may have been in it for lifetimes?

The key is to reconnect to the body and its innate wisdom and let the body, not the mind, guide our way.

If we have pictures of how we should look or how we should perform with our bodies, our minds will override what our bodies are saying to perform in a way that fulfills these pictures, ideals, beliefs and desires.

If we let go of the pictures and simply respond to what is there, allowing the body to guide the way, we will develop a natural fitness and form that is what is needed for us to express through and with this body in this life – a natural fitness for life.

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  • By Dr Anne Malatt, MBBS, MS, FRACS, FRANZCO Eye surgeon, wife, grandmother

    A woman with a wealth of worldly experience and a richness of lived wisdom, I live and work in a country town, love my work and the people I work with, and enjoy time with my family and friends, walking, reading and writing.

  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography