When we hear the word religion, our minds are likely to be filled with images of churches, institutions, assemblies and people in strange outfits or, perhaps, of scriptures, dogmas, tenets and wars. Nearly by default, for most this word appears to have become synonymous with a set of creeds or doctrines and the organisations and people that represent them.

But, is this what religion truly is? And, have we ever considered that religion could mean something entirely different to that which we have come to believe and / or accept?

One of the greatest teachings we can ever be graced with is the true energetic meaning of the word Religion. As, if this is truly understood, much will be exposed of what religion is not and never was. And… All will be revealed of what religion truly is and always was.

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What does religion truly mean?

The word Religion has been misrepresented throughout history. The true meaning of this word is not widely known by people, it is very beautiful and not what we think.

In its true energetic meaning Religion simply is that which re-unites human beings with the Divinity they already are by Essence.

As such, true religion simply is a re-turn or a re-connection to something we already are, that is, to the Divine that is in all of us, equally so.

And thus, despite what we might have been made or chosen to believe and / or accept, true religion is never something outside of ourselves that we need to obtain or reach, nor is it something we need to become. How could that be when we are already Divine? Neither is it a set of dogmas or tenets nor a list of precepts to follow. Furthermore, true religion is not found in a church, mosque, temple, building or golden decorated altar, nor is it found in any organisation or institution. True religion is found in our inner-heart, the place where we connect directly to our Soul and the Divine we come from and are here to live in full.

From the history of the word we learn that…

The word religion derives from the Latin word religio and it is connected to the notion of sacred. Cicero (106BC-43BC) attributed its origins to the verb ‘re-legere’, meaning to re-read, re-trace, re-consider diligently the connection or relationship with God. Other authors attributed its meaning to the verb ‘re-ligare’, meaning to re-connect, re-bind, re-tie. More specifically, to re-unite man to Divinity, to re-create a bond with the Divine. Another author suggested that the word religion may come from the Latin verb ‘re-eligere’ which means to choose again God, to make a new choice again towards the Divine.

Despite the slight differences, the origins of the word religion all indicate a re-connection, a re-bonding with the Divine or a re-turn to God. They also seem to indicate that we are in fact re-turning to something that is already there and simply needs to be re-connected to.

That which is already there and we are re-connecting to or re-bonding with is the Divine that each and every one of us already is in our innermost essence. In that essence we are connected to the all, to our true selves, to each other and to a Universal Intelligence that knows all that needs to be known and done at any given time.

And thus, a true religion will always state as its first and foremost principle that we are already Divine and that our evolution is to return.

“By esoteric understanding, you are to have a religious life with yourself and in that you will know that your (thy) Father, our one God, is within you, and all around you.

And when you realise this unchangeable fact, that is, that God is energetically within and all around you, you will begin to religiously interact with it, for that is what the word religion truly means, a relationship with the Divine inner-you and hence with the light (God) that impulses forth that inner eternal Divineness outward for full expression of itself.”

Serge BenhayonAn Open Letter to Humanity, p 475

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The true nature of religion

True religion is the connection within ourselves and nature, the magic that we hold equally within us and the understanding of what that magic is.

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The definition of religious activity

Developing the absolute purity inside you.

Why is it that we have been told to look outside of ourselves for God?

Why is it that we have allowed the dogmas, the organised religions, the churches to tell us that divinity is out there when in truth all we need to do is stop looking outside and we are already found?

It is only when we disconnect from our innermost essence, that is, from our own divinity, that we allow a source outside of ourselves to tell us what God is, where to find Him, what to believe and how to behave. And there lays the birth of the precepts, the churches, the statues to worship and the religious assemblies of some kind, all asking you to refer to them to know who you are and the way to God but never telling you that all is already within for once you connect to the Truth, you are free and cannot be controlled.

“Needing to belong, to be told who you are, or that you will be saved, or that another or others are greater than you and or, that another is closer to God than you will ever be, is not very up-lifting to a human being. It is in fact false. It is the greatest lie ever told. We are all equal, and those great messengers that have helped us throughout our times are simply very soul-connected and thus they are in awareness of the fact of who they are.”

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 393

And so, could the bastardisation of this word have caused and still be causing so much misery to humanity as a whole?

And, most importantly, would the course of human history been different if we were told what the true meaning of the word religion is? Where would humanity be if we were told from day one that we are already Divine?

In the name of religion and religious beliefs, an immeasurable number of human beings throughout history and in recent times have been insulted, ridiculed, abused, ostracised, tortured and killed. In the name of a man-made god and a man-made bastardisation of what Love truly is, much persecution and bloodshed has taken place and continues to take place causing humanity endless misery and further separation.

But, is this Love? Are the sad pages written by the battles, conflicts and judgements of religious beliefs a testimonial of what God truly is?

If we were told that we are already Divine, if we were taught from day one to self-love, if we were met for who we truly are, we would know God and we would know Love. And, we would know that no God and no true Love would ever harm, divide or attack in any shape or form whatsoever. We would instead live and express from the Truth of our inner-heart which knows no division, no separation, no war and, no beliefs of any kind.

The word religion invites us to stop the search outside of ourselves, to re-connect and be the immensity that we are. It invites us to simply re-turn home, that is, to be and live as the Sons of God on earth. Through the reconnection to our own divinity, we discover and confirm to the whole of humanity that everything and everyone around us is in essence divine.

Hence, the word religion needs to be re-understood, re-claimed and lived in its true energetic meaning so that humanity can re-align to the absolute Truth of who we truly are.

“Know this – one day, there will only be one world religion. It will be the religion of the inner-heart or the religion of the Soul or of fiery love. All of these mean the same, but most importantly, they will unify us into a one-unified-truth as opposed to the divisiveness we have now and have had for too long a time.”

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 475

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