Living religion: the magic in my connection

Living Religion: The magic in my connection

Living religion: the magic in my connection

My religion is my life!

My life is full of magic and wonders. It is not the kind of magic that makes you think constantly on edge – 'how did they do that', like in a magic show – and the wonders are not just the massive moments of happiness from the occasional events like your birthday or Christmas, or any exciting moment, because for me, every moment is truly exciting.

The magic in my life is found in the connection to my own inner self, my essence, my core, to my Soul and to God. The wonders of this are found in that I experience it all throughout the day, no matter the situation. There is a connection to me that lives inside me, and as I take me everywhere, so too does this connection follow. It follows me to the bank, to the shops, with my kids, my wife, my whole family; it is in the car with me, it is on the train/bus, simply everywhere. My dedication is towards living in a way, making choices and actions, that nurtures and supports this connection in me, and the rest is taken care of by me simply living, walking and breathing, taking me to life!

My religion is a connection inside me, and therefore it is in my every way and every day.

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  • By Michael Benhayon