Religion at work – no temple required

Religion at work – no temple required

Religion at work – no temple required

What does ‘religion at work’ or a ‘deeply religious person’ resemble in your mind?

Perhaps it might be the deep association with a church, temple or mosque, an imam, priest or born-again Christian, maybe knowing or reciting verses of the Bible, holy book, or Quran: Someone wearing beads, quietly chanting, long bearded, shaved head, bare footed, or wearing certain clothes/regalia that signify a particular faith or denomination . . .

How about an ordinary plain-clothed person, without any of the above?

How about yourself?

Wait. Before you baulk at the possibility of yourself ‘being religious’ or it being blasphemous to even suggest it, what exactly is ‘religion’?

Because over the past 10 years I’ve changed my heart and mind on the subject of ‘religion’ or what ‘being religious’ actually, truly is – to the point where I can say I have a religion, or am religious in a way that has zilch anything to do with the above conditions or images I used to hold myself 10 years ago. Chastity, celibacy or piousness pre-requisites included.

No, religion is just living an ordinary life. Connected. But connected to what, is the elucidating and salient factor –

"If you understand what religion truly is, then everything is religion."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 646

Through one plain-clothed ordinary man, Serge Benhayon, who lives dedicated to living a truly deeply religious life, I’ve understood that life lived in close relationship or deep connection with the inter-connectedness of the whole life – with us an important and equal part in its grand design or cosmos – is what true religion is about, or about being concerned with.

That, to be ‘deeply or truly religious’ is an active or conscious choice to live ‘deeply or truly connected’ to you, with awareness of everything around you, life’s universality, divine wonder, or God, at the same time.

Religion: learning to be and returning to live this naturally spherical connected way, once again.

In everyday life and work. In every profession, job, career or industry. In everything carried out. Cleaning the house, washing up, working, exercising, cooking, eating, shopping, getting dressed, travelling, resting, studying . . .

When I live life deeply, lovingly, aware and apply the same illuminating quality to everything I do, my job, people I meet, then my connection becomes part of a rhythm, the rhythm of me, the rhythm of whole life itself.

This is my religion. And the rhythm or connected relationship I’m having with myself and all else in relation to me – is what is religious.

It is religion at work. No temple required.

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  • By Zofia Sharman, MA Communications Policy, BA Economics

    International Recruiter and Career Counselor who sets a living standard in work/life that observes: when it comes to a job or career direction our only direction is the one taken back to absolute truth.

  • Photography: Dean Whitling, Brisbane based photographer and film maker of 13 years.

    Dean shoots photos and videos for corporate portraits, architecture, products, events, marketing material, advertising & website content. Dean's philosophy - create photos and videos that have magic about them.