Religion is simply our connection to God, which starts with ourselves.

When we think of religion as it is presented to us in the world we might think of the major religions – of different customs and manners, of beliefs, of dogmas and institutions – or we might think of war, of terror, of not belonging. I would say we all have our understanding of what religion is – what it is for us.

What if religion is simply our everyday life and how we relate to it; how we relate to ourselves and to others?

In that sense, is it possible that religion is much simpler than we make it to be?

What if religion is as simple as our connection to the All and our connection to where we come from?

Religion is always associated with a God, so what if God is not something bigger and grander than we are, or someone far out there and hard to reach? What if God is the All that we are part of – in other words, we are simply a part of God and thus can express as God does by the simple fact that we are part of this whole?

If we allow life to unfold from this perspective, the separation that is so prevalent in this world does not make sense, and it shows that we draw lines where no lines need to be drawn.

But instead of judging ourselves and what is and is not right in this world, what if we allowed ourselves to make life about every single relationship we have in our life, starting with ourselves, then our family and friends, the people we work with, the people we meet, simply every single encounter we have during the day? What if we allowed ourselves to meet everyone in equalness and openness just due to the simple fact that we know we are from the same source and thus in our essence we are the same?

Then life becomes abundant, as we can allow ourselves to let go of the differences we have created and that have been standing between us for so long; we can let go of all the must dos and should dos and simply stand in front of each other in the equalness that we are.

When religion is related to in this way, then it could be even said that we are religion, because we as human beings are always relating to something and so it is impossible to lose our religion, it is just a matter of how we relate to ourselves and each other, knowing us in our fullness or accepting something less.

So to me it seems there is nothing wrong with religion, nor is it daunting or complex, it is only that we have made it something it is not and we have learned and accepted to live with this version of religion, instead of allowing ourselves to follow our innate knowing of our belonging to the universe, and thus our deeply religious nature.

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  • By Esther Andras

  • Photography: Iris Pohl, Photographer and Videographer

    Iris Pohl is an expert in capturing images with a natural light style. Little to no time is needed for photoshop editing and the 'original' moment captured to represent your brand and remain in its authenticity.