Change the meaning of love and see what happens

Change the meaning of love and see what happens

"Without truth in word, man is left in the separation of his own false expression."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p 287

In the audio below Serge Benhayon very simply and exquisitely presents the energetic truth of what Love is through the example of the pure LOVE that God holds us in.

From the point of understanding and reconnecting to the energetic truth of this one word Love, we are then presented with the reality of how we have bastardised the true meaning of the word “love” and the consequences of that in our relationships and everyday life.

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Presenting the energetic truth of love

We are at war simply because we have changed the meaning of one of the most profound words known to man. No points for guessing what it is. The question is, are we ready to stop the fight?

"Love: is the stillness, the joy and the harmony expressing all as one. It is therefore important to recognise these points as energetic facts, for without all those aspects being present in expression and within the one expressing them, there can be no true love.

The word 'love', along with the word 'God', has been a potent source of destruction on Earth. Consider the fact that it is the dearest expression of Thy Father, for He is Love, and yet in the pranic sense, it has in its name, like in the name 'God', allowed many to be swayed to kill, rape, and go to war with others. How can the very essence of Thy Father – love – be used in expression to kill, rape someone or go to war with His own children, our fellow brothers?


Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 57

Compiled by: Nicola Lessing

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