Exposing the evil behind the bastardisation of words

Exposing the evil behind the bastardisation of words

This whole Unimedpedia is dedicated to bringing truth back to word and language and thereby setting us free to see how things really are. The way words have been corrupted has a much more pernicious effect on us than we realise. There are hundreds of words that we could (and will) use to demonstrate this evil but let’s start here with the word 'religion'.

'Religion' is a beautiful word that has been deeply damaged and bastardised.

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What does religion truly mean?

The word Religion has been misrepresented throughout history. The true meaning of this word is not widely known by people, it is very beautiful and not what we think.

Some people have been so hurt by wrongs done to them or hypocrisy observed, all carried out falsely under the name of religion, that they now react and recoil just on hearing the word spoken.

Others on hearing the word religion think of an institution, a building, a figurehead, a set of ideals and beliefs and so on and so on.

The dictionary defines religion as:

  • the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods
  • a particular system of faith and worship
  • a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion
  • a set of beliefs and practices and so forth ...

What if none of the above had anything to do with the true meaning of religion?

What if religion was all about having a relationship with YOURSELF and nothing to do with some external controlling power or a man with a long white beard sitting in the clouds?

What if we were all created by and from the one God or Deity and therefore at essence are all one? Then the way back to the divinity that lives within each and every one of us would be through re-connecting to our innermost, our essence and not through looking outside.

In this situation each one of us would have our own personal and direct connection to that Divinity and through that re-connection we would know and understand ourselves, each other, nature, God and the Universe.

We would know everything and could not be “controlled” by external ideals, beliefs and the agendas of others. In fact if we were all unified and connected we would not need to control each other and could live in true harmony. The world would be an entirely different place.

The word EVIL is another misunderstood word.

On page 698 of his book The Way of Initiation, Serge Benhayon defines evil as “anything that keeps one away from their inner-heart and thus from their soul”. A few pages later the book continues with:


“Evil is indeed that which separates one from their inner-most and thus away from their true self-love. In that disconnection, one suffers the separation to self, to love and to God, and thus, in a lost state, and in the agony and hurt of such devastation, one is capable of harm to self and to another or to others. Therefore, evil can be traced back to all that separates one from their true self – the soul. This simply means that evil is – that which allowed, fostered, engendered and or created that separation in the first place.

If so, and the reader is reminded that this is just a presentation that is based on energetic truth and the energetic true meaning of words, are the following not evil, since they DO NOT teach, foster, or engender one to be soulful before they teach, promote or provide whatever it is they claim to bring or create?”

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 703

And following on from the above quote Serge lists Religion, Nationalism and many of our other pillars as falling into this category.

Whilst on initial reading it might seem far-fetched to connect the word evil with the word religion, but when you start to see the harm that is done by bastardising this word it is not such a big jump.

  • If true religion is all about re-connection to our divinity, if we are turned away from religion through the bastardisation of the word, then we are turned away from self.

  • If we are aware of a certain disconnection from our true self, we can also observe a disconnection to our bodies. Not so surprising then that despite the awesomeness of the medical profession our bodies are calling out to us with rising occurrences of cancer, exhaustion, obesity, anxiety, diabetes and so forth.

  • If we are all from the same source and all one then it is not a big step to say that by being disconnected from self we are disconnected from others. Maybe that gives some clue as to why we keep having wars (many in the name of religion) and conflict.

  • If we are in separation to self and others then perhaps the same applies to our relationship with nature and the planet. Could this be reflected in the increased weather patterns we have been observing in recent years?

Thus the purpose of Unimedpedia: to open up the discussion, expose the great harm and evil behind the bastardisation of words and to put out a call to bring truth back to words and unity back to humanity.

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  • By Nicola Lessing, Company Director

    Four of my favourite things in life are God, Truth, Work and People but really they are all one even if at times it may not appear that way!