"Love is simply a stillness. It is not a doing or trying. The movement of love occurs when we express or move with it. This can only occur – when we are in it to begin with. If there is no self-love, there can not be love in anything you do or say. No matter how much we think we can love, no matter how much we can 'romanticise' and or, 'benevolise' (make idealistically good) a word or an expression, it will not have love in it if there is no love in the vessel that expresses it. And, there can not be love unless there is SELF-LOVE."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 721

This audio provides a wonderful understanding of how to forever deepen our experience of love – what could be better than that!?

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Building love in our life

Presenting the development of love in our lives and how saying ‘yes’ to self-love leads to establishing love which leads to foundational love and from there an ever deepening process.

"In-truth, and all our hurts and forms of protection aside, it is love that we all want and, under many guises, it is love that we seek most in life. We are that love and hence why we seek it, for in-truth, we seek who we truly are, even if most are doing it unconsciously until such time that the search becomes very conscious and very deliberate via a commitment to being love."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 474

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