Motherhood 101: an all-encompassing mothering

Motherhood 101 : An All-Encompassing Mothering

Motherhood 101: an all-encompassing mothering

When you are pregnant, suddenly everyone has an opinion on motherhood and mothering – you’ll feel it from everyone, from close friends to strangers in the supermarket. The internet is overflowing with blogs and chat rooms on the subject and there are countless professionals imparting their knowledge and the best ‘How to’ advice for the mother to be.

Much of this advice however, starts from the presumption that mothering is something a woman is not necessarily naturally adept at and instead must be trained or told how before she can master it. There are those on the other hand, who propose that just by virtue of a woman’s biology she is in fact destined and according to some, obligated to birth babies and thus if she falters, stumbles or, goodness me – asks for help – she has somehow failed at what should be to her, an innate ability.

What you will find here instead is an entirely different presentation on Motherhood ...

Yes, by virtue of a woman’s biology she holds the potential of expressing in a mothering way, but the quality of this is entirely dependent on the woman’s relationship with herself. We completely debase the notion that self-care and self-nurturing are selfish; instead you’ll read inspirational articles from women who have made regard for themselves as women an essential aspect of their daily lives, resulting in a far more enriching experience of motherhood for both the woman, her children and all those around her.

We start from the basis that every woman holds within her the knowing of what it is to truly mother, but understand for example, that if a woman holds little regard or relationship with herself, she is going to find accessing this knowing very difficult indeed. So much so, that if a woman struggles with or even rejects the notion of mothering, from the most obvious biological definition to the widest definition of the term where a woman consciously embraces the wisdom she innately holds and stands as a true role model of mothering whether she has children or not, it’s not that she has failed as a mother or a woman, but in fact it is likely to be a reflection of her own self-doubts or sense of self-worth.

Within the pages that follow you will find we explore the concept of motherhood in its most expansive definition, encompassing the powerful elder mothering energy women potentially have to express during their post menopausal cycle; again shattering such stereotypes of older woman as the interfering grandmother who imposes her judgments on the world. Read Introduction to Menopause for more information on this.

Mothering includes a woman rearing her biological and non-biological offspring, but it also equally encompasses her mothering others beyond her immediate family in a way that embraces people without imposing, imparts wisdom without judging, guides without dictating – all from a deep acceptance of the vast reservoir of wisdom she holds within.

In order to live this, a woman’s relationship with herself is paramount – a life of self-regard and in fact deep self-honouring is required, in the full awareness that the quality of every activity, every word, every expression of mothering in the world is reliant upon how she, in effect, mothers herself.

"A message to all mothers: It is wiser to mother from your innate knowing rather than from the ideals and beliefs that flood your head."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 547

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